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used of skin roughened as a result of cold or exposure

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Our testers put three repairing balms to work on chapped lips.
Dry flaky patches, chapped lips, dark circles, fine lines - we all suffer from these oh-so-familiar symptoms in the new year.
Long recognized as a go-to product to relieve dry, chapped lips, Carmex is bringing a fresh look to skin care shelves nationwide.
NEW YORK -- Long recognized as a go-to product to relieve dry, chapped lips, Carmex (Carma Laboratories Inc.
Designed to make chapped lips and flaky color a thing of the past, the lip care formula comes in five shades: sheer coral, sheer pink, sheer crimson, sheer berry and sheer caramel.
From chapped lips to static hair to dry skin, say goodbye to frosty beauty blues with these smart fixes
All Good Goop can be applied to everything from burns and blisters to chaffed elbows and chapped lips.
It is because it's bloomin' brilliant for everything from soothing chapped lips to smoothing unruly eyebrows and giving cheeks a sheen.
Jurlique Rose Love Balm, PS10 This time of year brings us all out in skin problems, from dry, chapped lips to cheeks that have been whipped by the wind.
Valentine's Day isn't far away so avoid chapped lips by carrying a repairing lip balm containing shea or cocoa butter with you.
Leading lip-care brand, Labello, has introduced its latest Milk & Honey flavoured lip balm, which is 100 per cent preservative-free, making it perfect for dry, irritated and chapped lips.
Designed to combat chapped lips and protect them against the combined effects of the cold and wet, the moisturising botanical balm also contains an SPF 15.
If you choose the Lemongrass scent theme (you can also choose Country Lavendar or Unscented) you'll find nestled within the recycled shredded paper a moisturizing Shower Gel in Sweet Orange that smells like a Creamsicle; Lemongrass Zen Foaming Hand Soap and a Lemongrass bar of soap--a mere whiff of which will help the tensions subside; a tin of Certified Organic Pure African Shea Nut Butter perfect for chapped lips or dry skin; a jar of unscented bath salts; a loofa scrub; a nail brush; a wooden soap dish and a bottle of their Aloe Castille Liquid Soap which can be used for cleaning body, hair, laundry or woodwork.
Chapped lips can make it difficult to achieve a smooth look with balm or lipstick, but Elizabeth Grant has solved that problem with a two-step product called Can You Keep a Secret ($38).