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English comedian and film maker

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But to laugh at their Chaplinesque waddling in this context would be like chortling at the wisecracks of soldiers about to go over the top.
With such a precious bundle in the house my paroxysms of joy were confined to Chaplinesque parodies of celebration as I silently leapt into the air, and mouthed a quick 'Yessss' , before creeping quietly back to the settee.
With his Chaplinesque mannerisms, Poirot seems more clown than cop, but in Suchet's capable hands the rotund investigator becomes a fit adversary for the archest villain.
Lowlight: The Chaplinesque chapter of errors which led to Wasps' try which snatched a 23-20 Newcastle defeat out of seemingly certain victory in front of a 10,000 full house at Kingston Park.
Rush gives a Chaplinesque portrayal of the regressed but lovable Helfgott.
And in case you're still not sure what they are, one of the other extras is a karaoke version of the scene that spells out the words, which seem part Italian, French, English and Chaplinesque.
Now, the artist, with his fur cap and twinkling eyes, talks about Nehru and Indira Gandhi and Raj Kapoor, the Chaplinesque matinee idol whose films were all the rage in the Soviet Republics during the '6os.
Not fortuitously perhaps, his renown grew as, after 1955, his final blindness deepened: fragile and vaguely Chaplinesque in his rumpled linen suit, he emanated a prophetic aura, a shy Tiresias enamored of the tango.
Beating the likes of Di Pasquale, Woodruff, Grosjean, Courier and the limping, Chaplinesque Pioline in earlier rounds is all very well, but the tennis world only sits up and listens when you win a Grand Slam, or at least defeat a big-match player.
The first half of the film follows the Chaplinesque Guido (Benigni) as he comically wiggles his way into the heart of his love-at-first-sight (real-life wife Nicoletta Braschi).
Watching her attempt to maneuver an outsized shopping basket through an American supermarket was like witnessing the final breakdown of modern technological civilization, but this Chaplinesque comedy was always quickly topped by her own account of it.
The dancer/choreographer directed the children to move with Chaplinesque, stiff-legged movement while the musician/composer played music typical of silent films (old piano roll music).
The plucky, Chaplinesque, one-eared hero walks through time and events accepting his situation and always on the move.
With a Chaplinesque sense of comic timing, she mimes imaginary scenarios: A set of simple wooden tablets becomes a path of magical stepping stones; a three-legged stool becomes a dance partner; and, blouse covering her face, Bratescu finally transforms herself into a headless apparition.
While I am no lover of Suarez and generally tend to berate the antics of this toothy Uruguayan, his audacious dive in front of David Moyes on the Everton bench after scoring was almost Chaplinesque in its wit and invention.