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an endowment for the singing of Masses

a chapel endowed for singing Masses for the soul of the donor

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Henry V's chantry chapel, within the Shrine of Edward the Confessor, is one of the smallest and most intimate of the Abbey's many chapels.
His body rests in the King George VI Memorial Chapel, a small chantry chapel adjoining the north choir aisle and only completed in 1969.
A rich Coventry merchant, he founded the chantry chapel and paid for a priest to pray for his soul after his death.
To thank Shrewsbury for its loyalty, Henry IV founded a chantry chapel, St Mary Magdalene.
The last King to be interred there was the Queen's father, George VI, husband of the Queen Mother, whose remains were also placed in the King George VI Memorial Chapel, a small chantry chapel adjoining the north choir aisle.
1) In addition to its respectable, if evidently provincial, artistic qualities, the extreme rarity of its function, almost certainly the central component of a reredos for a chantry chapel or even the high altar of an important church, is reason enough for it to be better appreciated.
This riverside community includes a 14th century chantry chapel with delicate but blackened tracery, red brick warehouses with fading white-washed signage and a boatyard busy with the clatter of workmen.
The Victorians left little behind from the older church apart from the tower, the door (which is now propped irrelevantly against a wall) and the chantry chapel at the far end of the south aisle.
Award-winning architect David Chipperfield has designed a building which to some looks prosaic on the outside, with its grey concrete, but inside there's a concrete expression of his skills in the 10 galleries which now house such an interesting heritage of art - from early drawings of the famous Chantry Chapel, almost opposite the riverside Hepworth, through a plethora of Barbara Hepworth's sculptures and on to an exhibition of contemporary sculpture by Eva Rothschild.
Prince Arthur's chantry chapel was one of the most magnificent ever made in England, but an effigy for the tomb was never made.
But it's down by the riverside, on a site almost opposite the famous Chantry Chapel on the Calder, that the new gallery - to be known as The Hepworth - is being built.
For example, the effigies of rotting cadavers under the chantry chapels remind the faithful to pray for souls embarking upon their journey through Purgatory, while the proud memorial statue of a 17th-century gentlemen needs no such prayers, only his high public achievements and status, to secure his place in the hereafter
Nonsense: it is inconceivable that the scholarly and respectful Scott would have demolished the detached bell-tower or the chantry chapels at Salisbury or attempted to sweep away the Galilee Chapel at Durham (in both cases for the ineffable Bishop Shute Barrington).