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an endowment for the singing of Masses

a chapel endowed for singing Masses for the soul of the donor

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Henry V's chantry chapel, within the Shrine of Edward the Confessor, is one of the smallest and most intimate of the Abbey's many chapels.
Rosser, Medieval Westminster, 1200-1540 (Oxford, 1989); Antje Fehrmann, `The chantry chapel of King Edward IV', in Windsor: the medieval archaeology, art and architecture of the Thames Valley, eds.
His superb brass lectern is still in use and his chantry chapel in the south range survives: not complete, but well enough for Pickering to deduce his piety, like Henry VI's focussed on Christ's five wounds.
Though the town itself resisted becoming an industrial centre, post-war motor traffic led local planners, devoid of aesthetic sensibility and possibly with a degree of destructive envy, to drive a road through the area, resulting in a new bridge across the Calder bisecting the town and destroying the historic view of the Chantry Chapel of St Mary the Virgin immortalised by J.
Battlefield Church, also known as the church of St Mary Magdalene, was founded in 1406 as a chantry chapel for the souls lost during the Battle of Shrewsbury, which was fought on the site three years earlier.
Her talk will focus on the patronage of Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, and she will examine the Beauchamp Chantry Chapel and the Cult of the Virgin Mary at St Mary's.
The small chantry chapel, which is known as the King George VI Memorial Chapel, connects to the north choir aisle at St George's Chapel at Windsor, where Margaret's funeral was held.
His body rests in the King George VI Memorial Chapel, a small chantry chapel adjoining the north choir aisle and only completed in 1969.
The Italian Renaissance tomb of Henry VII finished in 1518 is set incongruously within the perfect late Gothic chantry chapel at the east end of Westminster Abbey (completed only six years earlier), and provides a foretaste of what might have happened if the break with Rome had not occurred.
To thank Shrewsbury for its loyalty, Henry IV founded a chantry chapel, St Mary Magdalene.
A PARISH priest was today saying the first mass at a Merseyside chantry chapel in 450 years.
The last King to be interred there was the Queen's father, George VI, husband of the Queen Mother, whose remains were also placed in the King George VI Memorial Chapel, a small chantry chapel adjoining the north choir aisle.
1) In addition to its respectable, if evidently provincial, artistic qualities, the extreme rarity of its function, almost certainly the central component of a reredos for a chantry chapel or even the high altar of an important church, is reason enough for it to be better appreciated.
A rich Coventry merchant, he founded the chantry chapel and paid for a priest to pray for his soul after his death.