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But the Environment Agency tried to allay fears of a giant snakehead invasion in Britain, saying the species of Channidae would stand little chance of surviving a winter in the East Midlands.
Familia Especie Referencia Acipenseridae Acipenser gueldenstaedti 20 Huso huso 20 Anguilidae Anguilla anguilla 21 Bagridae Pseudobagrus ichikawai 22 Bothidae Paralichthys dentatus 23 Carangidae Seriola quinqueradiata 24, 7 Centropomidae Centropomus undecimalis 25, 26 Centropomus parallelus 27 Lates calcalifer 28 Channidae Channa striatus 29 Channa punctatus 30 Chanos chanos 31 Polydactylus sexfilis 32 Characidae Brycon cephalus 33, 34 Brycon sinuensis 35 Brycon moorei 36 Brycon orbygnianus 37, 38, 34 Brycon lundii 39 Brycon insignis 40 Brycon amazonicus 41, 42 Cichlidae Oreochromis mossambicus 43, 44 Oreochromis sp (Flor.
Most of the world's 29 snakehead species in the family Channidae thrive only in warm, wet conditions.
Predatory air breathing fish, such as members of the family Channidae (toman and related species) have more access to food during low water and are not affected by low oxygen concentrations.
Adebisi documented families like Cichlidae, Channidae, Gymnarchidae, Latidae, Hepsetidae, Clariidae, Osteoglossidae, e.
Sol (Channa marulius, family: Channidae, order: Perciformes) is an important fish species indigenous to Indo-Pakistan sub-continent, and has a commercial value, adapted to survive in low dissolved oxygen.