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a device that can be used to control a machine or apparatus from a distance


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0 kw klystron high power amplifier with harmonic rejection filter and motorised channel changer
They drive me mad and I use the channel changer the whole time to avoid them, flicking through to Five USA where I'm always hopeful of finding Marg Helgenberger in CSI or my other favourite show, NCIS.
Besides," he continues, staring at the now-useless lump of broken plastic that lies in pieces on the floor, "that's not the phone, it's the TV channel changer.
In the meantime, I'm going back to watching TV with a finger on the channel changer and something mind-numbing to ingest in case I go into shock.
And in just 10 days, the weekly scuffles for control of the channel changer begin again when Aberdeen take on Celtic in the first live Scottish Premier League match of the new football calendar.
It's an intuition picked up from discovering how to take command of the only TV channel changer in the house.
This software tool provides users with an Internet channel selection, similar to a television channel changer, where users can make advance reservations to attend Net events as well as be automatically reminded and taken to the event when it begins.
Chuck, clearly a golfer in desperate need of help, put down his channel changer and called Butch, who has impeccable golf bloodlines but gained fame as the coach of Tiger Woods.
com channel changer that for the first time makes it possible to truly channel surf on-line.
With 13 races on cooncil telly punters will have to be quick on the draw with the channel changer.
Then position the included infrared channel changer cable nearby.