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an arm of the Atlantic Ocean that forms a channel between France and Britain

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The scope of the contract includes delivery, installation, commissioning and performing as-built documentation to analyze the flow channel swimming style, speed and endurance training with integrated videoanalizy and software and system performance testing competitor based on an analysis of cardiopulmonary exercise with telemetric heart rate measurement system water (including software), according to a detailed description.
She was made president of the Channel Swimming Association at a ceremony in Dover in recognition of her achievement 68 years ago.
Mr Duncan Taylor, secretary of the Channel Swimming Association, which regulates cross-Channel attempts, said everyone involved in the attempt was baffled as the woman showed no signs of getting into difficulty.
In accordance with English Channel Swimming Association rules, Pugh, in only a Speedo, goggles and swimming cap, broke the world record off Antarctica last December for the southernmost swim ever completed and in water of 0 degree C water.
On August 16, 1951, 24-year-old Jenny Eileen James from Pontypridd swam from France to England in 13 hours and 55 minutes - an achievement which won her a place in the Record Book of the Channel Swimming Association.
Susan was a friend of Huddersfield teacher Dee Llewellyn who swam past her as part of a team which smashed the world Channel swimming record on the same day.
A statement from the Channel Swimming Association described Susan as, "a friend and fellow swimmer".
Susan Taylora , r 34, was swimming under the guidance of the Channel Swimming Association, which officially authorises attempts, when she got into dif-f ficulty about 5.
Already a member of the Channel Swimming Association, Vito has been in training four days a week for a year.
Portland, Oregon's, Own Karen Gaffney, to Receive Prestigious Channel Swimming
A 65-YEAR-OLD man is Britain's oldest living man who has swum the English Channel, the Channel Swimming Association said.
Michael Oram, chairman of the Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation, said: "Attempts were made by crew to resuscitate him before a French rescue helicopter arrived with medics who tried further resuscitation.
She is now waiting for official confirmation of her record from the Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation.