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a traditional Japanese system of unarmed combat

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Dr Channan Singh Chan Sandhu, who was born in the Punjab and regarded Coventry as his adopted home, died on Friday at Walsgrave Hospital following an illness that resulted from a stroke last September.
James Channan led a Christian delegation to Badshahi Mosque in Lahore for a Jan.
Channan Willner, discussing the use of durationally expanding sequences to slow the tonal rhythm in certain passages of baroque and classic music, articulates the differences between the broader rhythmic contexts of such expansions in those two style periods.
Sunil Channan, 23, AM PM mini-market, 8160 Foothill Blvd.
In the second accident, a motorcycle hit a woman Channan Mai of Chak no 57/P BaghoBahar near her village.
Naseem was admitted to the Mata Channan Devi Hospital where he had been battling for his life for the last 14 days.
Peatz' resignation, on April 23, 2001, Omkar Nath Channan was appointed a director and was elected to serve as the Company's Secretary and Treasurer, effective immediately.