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a fortification 1,500 miles long built across northern China in the 3rd century BC

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Jiandong Zhao, (1) Mingmin Han, (1) Changcheng Li, (2) and Xin Xin (2)
They will remove an abandoned shelter at the Changcheng Station, bring home garbage from Zhongshan and Kunlun stations, and help Australia to ship cargo from the Australian port of Fremantle to Casey Station.
Zai Nanji zhuqi kexue de Changcheng [Build a scientific Great Wall in Antarctic].
It touches the so called Shanghai Sea to the cast, mingles with the barbarians such as Annan (vietnam) and Dongjin (northern Vietnam) to the south and the other two directions are thoroughly defended by Changcheng, the Great Wall.
La primera, Changcheng (Gran Muralla), fue construida en 1985 al sur de la Isla Rey Jorge, la segunda, Zhongshan, en 1989, 'al sur de la bahia de Prydz, en la peninsula Mirror.
Now, Gao is the resident choreographer of the Beijing Modern Dance Company and her husband, Zhang Changcheng, is the director.
Lin Changcheng, "The Hidden Dragon in the Deep," p.
Known to the Chinese as the "10,000 Li Wall" or Wanli Changcheng, the Great Wall of China spans from Liaoning province to Jiayuguan in the Gobi Desert.
13 Guo Chuan, Yong'an jingshen zhi faren ji qi changcheng shilue (A brief history of the origin and development of the spirit of Wing On) (n.
Al-Mualem has participated in various international art exhibitions, including the Changcheng and Chuanqing International Sculpture Exhibition in China.
Thirty-one team members will spend the winter at the Changcheng and Zhongshan stations to conduct research in the fields of meteorology, ecology and polar light.
In Mozambique, Africa Changcheng Mining Development Co.
office of CGWIC) Great Wall Airlines Missile Proliferation: August 15, (aka Changcheng Executive Order 13382 2006 lifted Hangkong) (unspecified transfers on December probably to Iran) 12, 2006 -- China National Weapons Proliferation: December 28, Electronic [section]3, Iran, North 2006 for two Import-Export Company Korea, and Syria years -- CATIC Nonproliferation Act -- Zibo Chemet (transfers controlled Equipment Company under multilateral export control lists or having the potential to make a material contribution to WMD or cruise or ballistic missiles) -- CPMIEC Weapons Proliferation: April 17, 2007 -- Shanghai Non-Ferrous [section]3, Iran, North for two years Metals Pudong Korea, and Syria Development Trade Nonproliferation Act Company Ltd.
The expedition team also refurbished China's other two research stations on the South Pole, Changcheng (Great Wall) and Zhongshan.
The wall is also known as Wan Li Changcheng, or the Wall of 10,000 Li, a reference to a Chinese unit of measurement that equates to 500 metres; some of the finest examples of Ming-dynasty sculpture can be found along the Spirit Way.