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United States writer of detective thrillers featuring the character of Philip Marlowe (1888-1959)

a retail dealer in provisions and supplies

a maker (and seller) of candles and soap and oils and paints

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Mr Conry said Mulvenna described being at the bar, where he drank a few pints and a couple of vodkas, when he noticed Mr Chandler, who he claimed had beaten up his brother a year earlier, keep looking across at him.
Chandler must pay CAP annual charges to deliver the water to Chandler.
Lynne Chandler Novick, comments: “I am very pleased and grateful to have been chosen with an artistic gift.
However, Kendall would be quite disheartened to know that Chandler is already hooked on to a hot beauty Robyn Crowley and is not single.
That outgoing, self-confident charm has served Chandler well over the more than five decades he has practiced civil law in Worcester, specializing in estate planning, commercial litigation and corporate law.
We are with the good guys now," Rachel Chandler told the Reuters news agency.
In later years, Chandler himself often declared that Robinson "couldn't have played" without his intervention.
Union Bank of Chandler, which runs offices in Chandler and Tulsa, Oklahoma, has USD135m (EUR106m) in total assets, USD86m of loans and USD120m worth of deposits.
It was reported yesterday that the pirates were seeking a ransom of $7 million for Mrs Chandler and husband Paul - about pounds 4.
ITV News managed to speak to Mr Chandler shortly before 11am GMT yesterday after men claiming to be Somalian pirates contacted them.
Chandler, the co-owner of Chandler-Johnson Homes Inc.
BURBANK - Robert Phipps was so angered by the idea of changing Chandler Boulevard's unusual configuration - twin two-way streets separated by a bike path - that he is going door to door, passing out fliers.
Otis Chandler, the former publisher of the Los Angeles Times who transformed his family's provincial, conservative newspaper into a respected national media voice, died Feb.
Initially, all shipments arrive at one of nine docks and pass over a scale at Gold Circuit's 83,000-square-foot Chandler headquarters and distribution facility.
based advertising agency Chandler Ehrlich developed an audacious branding campaign for ProSource One, a national distributor and marketer of chemical products, seed and hard goods for the golf, turf and ornamental industries.