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United States writer of detective thrillers featuring the character of Philip Marlowe (1888-1959)

a retail dealer in provisions and supplies

a maker (and seller) of candles and soap and oils and paints

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Prosecutor Mike Conry said Mr Chandler refused to make a statement to the police, but the incident in the Four Provinces pub in Allesley Old Road, Chapelfields, Coventry, was captured by CCTV cameras.
Chandler and other state parties have negotiated a water rights quantification agreement with WMAT.
com)-- Lynne Chandler Novick launched a website devoted to artists at www.
Kendall Jenner is following the footsteps of her stepsister Kim and Khloe Kardashian by hooking up with a hot basketball player named Chandler Parsons.
As a result of Littman's travels, Chandler Ehrlich learned that the primary thing that differentiates Farm Credit from its competition is the fact that the company truly understands the needs of area farmers, because the majority of Farm Credit employees actually grew up on farms.
But she got 'very drunk' and was offered a lift home by Brian Chandler, 34.
One major flaw Sameroff and Chandler uncovered was researchers' use of the availability heuristic in their estimations of developmental risk factors.
Starting with short stories in the 1930s and continuing with novels through the '50s, Chandler set the standard for the tough private detective novel with witty, snappy dialogue, sparely written prose, dark mystery, suspense and ingeniously convoluted plots.
Last night Mr Chandler, from the Herefordshire village of Kingstone, was still trying to coming to terms with the shock.
Nelson Chandler, Chief, Transportation & Distribution Division, had a close look at the plane impact.
The causes of some components of the pole's overall movement are well understood, but the driving force for one element--the so-called Chandler wobble--has remained a mystery.
Bookmaking chief Mr Victor Chandler is set to hit a multi-million jackpot after sports and entertainment group Enic yesterday announced plans to take over his betting business.
For a self-proclaimed "Small Town Lawyer'' (the title of his new self-published memoir), Burton "Buddy'' Chandler has an out-sized personality.
Terri Chandler, RDH of Las Vegas, NV, has been honored with a recognition by VegasInc in its selection of "Health Care Headliners 2012.
Australian Open men's singles (starts January 17, Melbourne) best prices: 9-4 R Nadal (Blue Sq, 888spt), 3 R Federer (Coral, Lads), 7 A Murray (V Chandler), 15-2 N Djokovic (V Chandler), 16 J M Del Potro (P Power, S James), 25 R Soderling (V Chandler), 33 D Nalbandian Lads, P Power, S James), 35 T Berdych (Blue Sq, V Chandler, 888spt), 40 N Davydenko (Blue Sq, Lads, 888spt), A Roddick (Blue Sq, P Power, S James, 888spt), 45 J-W Tsonga (Blue Sq, V Chandler, 888spt), 66 M Cilic (Lads, S James, V Chandler), G Monfils (S James), F Verdasco (Blue Sq, Lads, V Chandler, 888spt), 100 bar.