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Synonyms for Canaan

an ancient country in southwestern Asia on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea

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C'est l'olive pamee, et la flute caline; C'est le tube ou descend la celeste praline: Chanaan feminin dans les moiteurs enclos
When you have Iordan past, & the land of chanaan entred See that th'Inhabitants of that land by you be all destroyed.
52) Servi non sunt per naturam, sed per culpam et propter peccatum, sicut Chanaan, filius Cham.
gan y Prifardd, Y Parch William Morris, Caernarfon) O lewych Galilea - a Chanaan Cychwynodd ei yrfa.
ex magnitudine ruinarum ostendens ueteris operis excellentiam, ad quam ciuitatem siue oppidum legitur etiam Jacob descendisse, qui fuit in terra Chanaan regionis Sichem.