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Synonyms for championship

the status of being a champion


a competition at which a champion is chosen

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the act of providing approval and support

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I state once more that in his thirty-first year Archibald Mealing went in for a golf championship, and won it.
Say, Archie, I'm putting your name down for our championship competition.
Then she'll have a chance of seeing him play in the championship competition.
Quite possibly,' continued McCay, 'he has told her that he will win this championship.
I'm here to see you win this championship and I won't have you taking any risks.
To defeat Gossett, however, meant the championship.
Here Mrs Varden, who, with her countenance shrouded in a large nightcap, had been all this time intent upon the Protestant Manual, looked round, and acknowledged Miggs's championship by commanding her to hold her tongue.
Pegler, in affectionate championship, 'that I should keep down in my own part, and I have no doubts that if I was here I should do a many unbefitting things, and I am well contented, and I can keep my pride in my Josiah to myself, and I can love for love's own sake
I shall never more think well of YOU,' cried Bella, cutting him short, with intense defiance in her expressive little eyebrows, and championship of the late Secretary in every dimple.
Holly Gair had an incredibly successful competition, winning seven championships and PS700.
Nefyn, Vale of Glamorgan, Royal Porthcawl, Aberdovey, Celtic Manor and Ashburnham are among those hosting some of the major Welsh championships this summer, quality venues for top class events.
September: 3/4 Welsh Ladies Seniors Championships (Cardigan); 6/7 Walker Cup Ganton); 10/12 Ladies Home Internationals (Cruden Bay); 17/19 Mens Home Internationals (Ballybunion); 24/26 Senior Ladies British Open Championship (South Staffordshire); 28 Welsh Inter County's Championship (Aberdovey).
At the 1993 World Championships in Norway, VanMoorsel, Longo and Charameda respectively won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the road race; Twigg took Gold in the individual pursuit, and set a new world record; and Golay took Silver in the team time trial.
WCSN will kick off its FINA partnership in March with live and expansive coverage from the 12th FINA World Championships in Melbourne, Australia.
Southern Section: Marmonte and Pacific View league qualifiers will open postseason individual competition at the Southern Division championships at Westminster, and Golden League qualifiers will be at the Central Division championships at Brea Olinda.
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