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a changeable or inconstant person

a faint constellation in the polar region of the southern hemisphere near Apus and Mensa


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Designed and developed by Daymak, the Chameleon features My Ebike Application, which runs on Bluetooth on IPHONE or Android.
Increasing emphasis on smart materials and longer shelf life are driving use of polymer chameleons in various segments, especially healthcare," said Technical Insights Senior Industry Analyst Aarthi Janakiraman .
Russell Ligon, a doctoral candidate in ASU's School of Life Sciences, and Kevin McGraw, an associate professor in the school, used photographic and mathematical modeling tools in new ways to study how the color change of veiled chameleons (Chameleon calyptratus) relates to aggressive behavior.
That biophysical modification, a trait common to all chameleons, lets the creatures forage in conditions too cool for other lizards in the same ecosystem, the researchers say.
It would have been nice to have a real live chameleon as a model for the students to draw, but the next best thing were the many pictures of chameleons I found on the Internet to inspire their drawings.
When customs agents intercept smuggled chameleons from Africa or Madagascar at Los Angeles International Airport, they often end up at Martin's sanctuary.
DALLAS-Feizy Rugs has introduced the Chameleon Collection, a new set of hand-tufted wool rugs whose construction plays on the characteristics of the reptile from which it gets its name.
Not only do chameleons have an amazing talent for changing colors, they also have one of the fastest and most powerful tongues in the animal kingdom.
But when the baby in question is a chameleon measuring less than an inch long, the job is even harder.
Observing pet lizards and looking at photographs from wildlife calendars and books from the library helped us to discover many types of chameleons.
LET'S have a big hand for one of the world's smallest chameleons.
Leon is embarrassed to be different, so he hides from the other little chameleons.
Crocs Chameleons are the latest example of innovative designs we are committed to bringing to market," said Dale Bathum, Vice President of Product for Crocs.
Washington, March 9 (ANI): While cold weather conditions typically slow down muscle performance in most creatures, a new study has shown that chameleons can nab prey even at near-freezing temperatures thanks to their tongue.
CHAMELEONS have cells called chromatophores that have a colour, or pigment, in them.