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a changeable or inconstant person

a faint constellation in the polar region of the southern hemisphere near Apus and Mensa


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Chameleons are entirely land-living animals, and therefore the discovery of this trait among many species was quite a surprising find.
FAKE BUYERIronically, a few years later, I developed an interest in chameleons after a rumour circulated that someone from Europe was buying them for a tidy sum.
1) Why did Pascal Damman suspect that mucus helps chameleons catch prey?
Caption: The Kinyongia msuyae chameleon has an unusual snout that may be important in courtship.
Amid high-density cosmic environs like those of Earth, the theory goes, chameleons take on high mass, and high-mass subatomic particles are difficult to detect.
Filled with fascinating facts about chameleons and hilarious cartoons, this book will not only educate but also entertain.
These chameleons lay twenty five to fifty eggs in a hole dug in moist soil, which the female then covers over.
12 ( ANI ): While it is a well known fact that in order to protect themselves, some animals rapidly change color when their environments change, a new study has revealed that chameleons change colors in unusual ways when they want to convey different types of information during important social interactions.
Chameleons have special cells in their skin called chromatophores.
With these facts about the chameleon in mind, chameleons proved to be a good subject to highlight shape, color and texture with my eighth-graders.
Six years later, the Woodland Hills mom houses two dozen chameleons and heads the only known chameleon rescue in the nation.
The two chameleons photographed for the book are panther chameleons from Madagascar: the 'plot' may read like fiction but the very simple coverage is all factual - and appealing with its colorful close-ups.
The 22 tiny bright green Yemen chameleons are less than an inch long but can grow up to two feet.
The company said that while chameleons are known for their ability to change colors to suit their environment, the new rug collection uses deceptively detailed tints, in rich earthy tones, that masquerade as solid color blocks.
Staff at the Scottish Raptor Centre were celebrating when five rare stump tail chameleons hatched on Sunday and they have placed them in a special tank to keep them safe.