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British statesman who as Prime Minister pursued a policy of appeasement toward fascist Germany (1869-1940)

the treasurer of a municipal corporation

an officer who manages the household of a king or nobleman

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After this had been received by Dorothy with proper thanks and placed on the table with the other presents, the visitors from Hiland and Loland were escorted to their rooms by the High Chamberlain.
They had no sooner departed than the band before the palace began to play again, announcing more arrivals, and as these were doubtless from foreign parts the High Chamberlain hurried back to receive them in his most official manner.
I particularly remember that the Chamberlain, or old Grimm or somebody, said how horrible it was, when they came up at her call, to see a girl holding spring flowers and bending over that--that bloody collapse.
They had the girl most ruthlessly searched; for, to tell the truth, she was a little suspect, though the niece and ward of the wicked old Chamberlain, Paul Arnhold.
For this and only this he had bought the traitor and butchered the hero, for this he had long questioned and cross-questioned the false Chamberlain, until he had come to the conclusion that, touching his ignorance, the renegade really told the truth.
I'm going to have another look at that portrait of the Chamberlain, the Arnhold who betrayed his brethren," answered the priest.
It came into my head that he must have occupied this very vault of mine, and I got out of bed to assure myself that there were no red marks about; then opened the door to look out into the passages, and cheer myself with the companionship of a distant light, near which I knew the chamberlain to be dozing.
He knew not on whom to vent his grief and wrath, until fortunately bethinking himself of the lord chamberlain who had brought him home, he struck off his pension and his head together.
The general came into the same opinion; so that for a long time there was a majority against you; but his majesty resolving, if possible, to spare your life, at last brought off the chamberlain.
The third cook, crowned with a resplendent tin basin and wrapped royally in a table-cloth mottled with grease-spots and coffee stains, and bearing a sceptre that looked strangely like a belaying-pin, walked upon a dilapidated carpet and perched himself on the capstan, careless of the flying spray; his tarred and weather-beaten Chamberlains, Dukes and Lord High Admirals surrounded him, arrayed in all the pomp that spare tarpaulins and remnants of old sails could furnish.
And the chamberlains walked along still more uprightly, holding up the train which was not there at all.
Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain and Jordan Henderson press Newcastle as they try to win the ball back during Saturday's 2-0 victory at Anfield JASON ROBERTS
Salah and Chamberlain were the biggest names signed by Liverpool last summer.
Friday marked the 78th anniversary of the speech that forever stained the reputation of one of Britain's greatest politicians, Neville Chamberlain.
THE Chamberlain family are not only renowned as playing an influential part in industrial Birmingham's growth but are also described as having been a "unique", three-generation "urban dynasty".