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a faint constellation in the polar region of the southern hemisphere near Apus and Mensa


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chamaeleon, Calactodrillia Kilburn, 1988a: 291, figs 2, 23, 34, 45, 267, 268.
Volume 18 of this series offers texts, translations, and essays on the work of two Hellenistic philosophers, Chamaeleon and Praxiphanes.
Additional Smoke for Mac OS X clients include Oakley (United States), Universal Studios Digital Services (United States), Node Entertainment (Sweden), Chamaeleon (Germany), Egli Film (Switzerland), Fotokem (Hungary), Babylon Group (Iraq), nhb (Germany), Congaz (Germany), Frankfurt Acht (Germany), Expresso Art House (Poland), Krypton Film AS (Norway) and Mango Chutney Film (Denmark).
in Chamaeleon IC 2602 open cluster in Carina NGC 3372 bright nebula in Carina Messier 83 galaxy in Hydra
Chamaeleon is situated only 10 degrees north of the south celestial pole.