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Once you're inside, though, that fades into insignificance thanks to the smart red brick walls and chalk boards of the ground floor as well as the pretty canvas prints and comfy-looking low leather chairs at the handful of tables.
DISADVANTAGE OF CHALK BOARD METHOD: To draw exact and accurate diagram on black board with chalk is not easy for most of teachers and it can obviously be more time consuming.
Drinks-wise, there was Carlsberg and Kronenbourg on tap, with bottles of Corona and Peroni available, with some carefully considered white and red wine selections marked up on the chalk board.
Following a decade largely dominated by Dutch coaches - Guus Hiddink led them to the semis in 2002, Dick Advocaat couldn't get them out of the group stage four years later, and the reigns of Jo Bonfrere and Pim Verbeek were brief and fruitless - the Taeguk Warriors have handed the chalk board to Jung-Moo Huh for a third time.
When a customer buys half a bottle, the availability of the two glasses from that bottle are noted in grease pencil on a mirror in the 30-seat bar and on a chalk board in the 35-seat dining room.
The show opens with Maslamani as a child, standing at a chalk board and practicing her alphabet to a well-known educational rhyme.
With just one baggage scanner and a flight schedule hand-written on a white chalk board, it is a poor substitute for Suvarnabhumi, and its tiny check-in hall, built for 14 flights a day, is bursting at the seams.
Rust-Oleum Specialty Magnetic Primer can be top-coated with any color or chalk board paint for a fun, unexpected way to hang notes, photos and more.
A curated program of experimental animation from throughout the United States and Canada, Cartune Xprez features animation in a variety of genres: hyper-color flash, digital motion graphics, traditional hand drawn, chalk board, newspaper cutout and photo animation.
For this weekend's event, he won't know his subject until he sits down with his chalk board erasers, Dustbuster and tray of chalks of all colors, each carefully separated in advance by his 16-year-old daughter, Amber.
I just went back to the chalk board and rubbed our back--row out.
Rounding out the NIE package is a continuing Friday feature, Chalk Board, which presents stories submitted by area children.
Adults function in a supportive role in the organization, primarily through membership on the Chalk Board -- so called because the group's 9-year-old founder couldn't remember advisory board.
Some hero thought it wise to write "white power" and draw a swastika on the chalk board in the Aboriginal students' lounge.
Tenders are invited for Providing And Fixing Green Chalk Board In Class Rooms in connection with Construction of A-I Type Single Section With Science Lab School Building And 9 Units Of Staff Quarters For Kv Chenani Kud Distt Udhampur Jandk Sh: Construction of Storm Water Drain And Provision Of Retaining Wall.