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Synonyms for Chaldean

a wise man skilled in occult learning

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an inhabitant of ancient Chaldea

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of or relating to ancient Chaldea or its people or language or culture

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In a recent memo sent to all Chaldean priests within the United States, Patriarch Sako called upon the immediate return to Iraq of all priests who previously administered there.
The Catholic Chaldeans are the largest among the Christian minorities in Iraq and Syria.
The research sample itself consists of sixty-six members of Melbourne's 5,000 strong Chaldean and Assyrian communities and the paper's focus is on informants' use of interpreting services (both professional and lay) and informants' provision of services as lay interpreters.
Caption: In August 2014, more than 120,000 Chaldean Christians fled Qaraqosh, Iraq's largest Christian city, as the murderous forces of the Islamic State advanced.
Sako called in a statement issued by the Chaldean Patriarchate today, on what he described as a collective stand to save what can be saved, stressing the need for a genuine reconciliation for which all political blocs must consent concessions to achieve concrete progress.
Chaldean activist Zina Rose, a lawyer whose family fled Baghdad when she was an infant and who grew up near Sterling Heights, rejected the notion that the opposition is based on anti-Muslim sentiment.
More than 30 groups also signed, including Coptic Solidarity, the Chaldean Community Foundation, International Christian Concern and the United Methodist General Board of Church and Society.
PRESS PHOTO The Kurdish Globe We sincerely congratulate our Assyrian, Chaldean, and Syriac sisters and brothers in Kurdistan, Iraq and all over the world, thousands of whose families have been forced leave their places of origin and live in refugee camps, on the occasion of the Assyrian and Babylonian New Year and the Akito feasts.
After protestors gathered in front of the ESCWA in downtown Beirut, words were delivered by Syriac Catholic Patriarch of Antioch, Ignatius Joseph III Younan; Syriac Orthodox Bishop Daniel Kourieh; Chaldean Bishop Michel Kassarji; Bishop Yatroun Goleana and Sheikh Amer Zeineddine, which stressed on the "rejection of terrorism and all acts targeting the Assyrians.
Summary: On a cold morning, a small group of Iraqi refugees cluster together at the Chaldean diocese in Baabda.
In the January issue of Catholic Insight, Church in the World highlighted Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael I of Iraq whose flock is in disarray by the ISIS situation.
ERBIL, Iraq -- Iraqi Christians find safe harbor on the property of Mar Elia Chaldean Catholic Church in the autonomous Kurdish-governed region of northern Iraq.
Louis and the Chaldean Catholic Church in Aleppo on Saturday, Hassoun reviewed the sublime meanings of the Christmas Day, calling for spreading amity among the people.
The Chaldean empire seems to be growing and is impregnable; the fulfillment of the promise in chapter 2 still tarries.
The synod of bishops of the Chaldean Catholic Church elected Father Emil Shimoun Nona, of the Archdiocese of Alqosh, to succeed Archbishop official Rahho.