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Synonyms for Chaldean

a wise man skilled in occult learning

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an inhabitant of ancient Chaldea

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of or relating to ancient Chaldea or its people or language or culture

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Worthington 2004:189 suggests that the Chaldaeans had their own reasons for deterring Alexander from entering Babylon.
From the start, there were the unfavourable omens that confronted him from when he began his final approach to Babylon, first with the warning from the Chaldaean seers (A.
The reference to the Chaldaeans is seen as evidence of a later editor modifying the Yahwistic original for readers in the neo-Babylonian period.
Ezechiel, Daniel and Esdras foresee the mysteries of the divine oracles among the Assyrians, Chaldaeans, Medes and Persians; they define the periods and established patterns of behaviour.
Rejection of Islam can be measured by the fact that its adherents are never called Muslims but Chaldaeans, Saracins, Hagarenes or Ishmaelites, Arabs, Moors, Infidels, Pagans, etc.
Jews were described variously as purely Caucasian Semites, dark Egyptians, ruddy Edomites, black Cushites, mixed-blood Chaldaeans, and so on.
56 (not 57) does not say that the Phoenicians learned the rudiments of navigation from the Chaldaeans, although that may well have been the case.