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a long chair


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A cherry-red wall behind the bed gives the room a grown-up ambience, along with the leather headboard and black leather chaise-longue.
Don't take a day off work, take a week and spend it lying on a chaise-longue eating champagne truffles.
Anything remotely suggesting the court or later Bohemia has been expunged and all that is left on this DIY set is a chaise-longue that has clearly seen better days.
The rigorous rectilinear geometry of the exterior contrasts with the soft ergonomic lines of the interior, which is modelled on the curves of a chaise-longue.
At Cardiff's Motorpoint Arena on Monday night Mariah's entrance lived up to her diva reputation - draped over a chaise-longue style seat carried onstage by six topless male dancers, opening her set with her 1994 upbeat hit Fantasy.
Andrea Zaccone, Zak's hugely talented designer based in Milan and Barcelona created an innovative sofa, chair, chaise-longue and kissing seat out of the RunOnFlat tyres which were customised with animal print and bright colours.
Chris Williams, 19, of Cramlington, will spend a week on a chaise-longue at the Lounge nightclub, Neville Street, Newcastle, in full view of the public.
Wearing a stunning head-dress, the singer reclines on a chaise-longue dressed up to the nines as Egyptian queen Cleopatra from Handel's Guilio Cesare".