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a long chair


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A cherry-red wall behind the bed gives the room a grown-up ambience, along with the leather headboard and black leather chaise-longue.
Don't take a day off work, take a week and spend it lying on a chaise-longue eating champagne truffles.
Anything remotely suggesting the court or later Bohemia has been expunged and all that is left on this DIY set is a chaise-longue that has clearly seen better days.
The rigorous rectilinear geometry of the exterior contrasts with the soft ergonomic lines of the interior, which is modelled on the curves of a chaise-longue.
Andrea Zaccone, Zak's hugely talented designer based in Milan and Barcelona created an innovative sofa, chair, chaise-longue and kissing seat out of the RunOnFlat tyres which were customised with animal print and bright colours.
Chris Williams, 19, of Cramlington, will spend a week on a chaise-longue at the Lounge nightclub, Neville Street, Newcastle, in full view of the public.
Wearing a stunning head-dress, the singer reclines on a chaise-longue dressed up to the nines as Egyptian queen Cleopatra from Handel's Guilio Cesare".