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a ski lift on which riders (skiers or sightseers) are seated and carried up or down a mountainside


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Mishaps around chairlifts account for the majority of ski lift-related injuries we see each year," said Julia Dale, director of LARAs Corporations, Securities and Commercial Licensing bureau that oversees the states ski safety program.
For many living in villages in Pakistan's northern areas, makeshift chairlifts are the only mode of transport they can use to cross the mighty River Indus and other smaller rivers in the area.
I said, 'You have a captive audience when you're on a chairlift.
Investment opportunities in the sector also included point to point chartered flights, helicopter services, ski resorts and chairlift / cable cars etc said a press release issued here.
It is vital to mention here that this chairlift is about 640 meters long, and has 103 cable carts which can carry around 206 people, doubled the capacity of the previous chairlift, which could only carry 104 people with 52 cable carts.
The report also disclosed that the Israeli Municipality signed a contract with SAFEG French company which in turn contracted with another French firm called Poma and specialized in chairlift construction.
STRANDED 3 Cameron and dad Iain were stuck when chairlifts collided and cable sagged to the ground, top
A derailed chairlift at a Scottish ski resort has left at least six people injured and dozens more stranded.
2000 - The Minuteman lift was converted to a high-speed quad chair, giving Wachusett two four-passenger chairlifts.
Other improvements include a new inner-tubing park and two new quad chairlifts - one of which is, appropriately, named after Ed Thurston.
For skiing, a new track from the summit of the Pralong chairlift to where the Swiss chairlift departs has been established.
Q I HAVE the skiing bug but suffer from vertigo and hate chairlifts with a vengeance.
Changes include the relocation of the Coyote and Roadrunner chairlifts, expansion and renovation of the deck, remodeling of the lodge, and the installation of a new surface lift to the Winter Sports School.
In summer, the snow season's gondolas and chairlifts lead visitors to high-country wildflower hikes.
On the advice of occupational therapists we have installed chairlifts in a number of properties.