chain gang

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a gang of convicts chained together

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Somewhere In Texas from second album Pretty in Black kicked it off and Tut's crackled with the hook-laden Chaingang of Love and pop perfection of Great Love Sound.
Maintaining order without 'resorting to the chaingang practice', Douglas emerges as a practical and balanced character, but not because he 'was to have a distinguished career [becoming] Commissioner of Police'.
The Chaingang - who call themselves erotic dancers - are on the lookout for a raunchy recruit to join them on their Irish tour.
ROBERT MITCHUM CONVICTED of smoking marijuana at 24, the actor was first arrested for vagrancy at 16 and sentenced to a week in jail, which he spent on a Georgia chaingang.
2 IF Paul Burrell were tried for perjury and jailed, could he be put on a chaingang, smashing a pick-axe into a rock?