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a gang of convicts chained together

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The chain-gang have been barred from cleaning their own teeth, applying their own make-up and feeding themselves.
There aren't any surprises, except the spawning of a new musical genre - chain-gang hip-hop gospel - after the choir enlists three inmates from a nearby prison.
Rice, who has published other articles on Toni Morrison's uses of music in her fiction, convincingly situates the improvisatory actions of Paul D and the other chain-gang prisoners in Beloved within the context of Jazz and liberation.
So, gathering an army of artists from around the country and globe, he labored for more than a decade fashioning this sweeping psalmody of war chants, shouts, spirituals, hollers, ballads, children's songs, lullabies, minstrel tunes, chain-gang work songs, and blues melodies.
For many a club it has meant a step back from the gallows trapdoor, but for clubs outside the English League system it merely continues the chain-gang existence.
The movie (PG-13) is foremost a road comedy, and Nelson steals the show as Delmar, the simpleton chain-gang refugee so naive that at one point he believes that a woman's love can turn a man into a toad.
But how is it that there is only one comedy about chain-gang escapees who stage a young-miss beauty pageant?
The state has conducted no studies on the use of the belt on chain-gang members, even though physical work and summer heat could contribute to a dangerous level of stress on an inmate's heart if he were shocked.