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the connections that link the various parts of an event or argument together

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If I can keep that chain of thought going it will suit me well.
At times Jessie went off on a rambling chain of thought, only to stop herself and declare: "I'd better sing now.
Although, it did set off a chain of thought on what would happen if the 'soft' approach failed?
With conversation view never lose a chain of thought or let emails be all over the place
However, because it is a collection, it isn't quite a volume in the sense of a continuous chain of thought, though some underlying trends characterise all essays.
The stories are interesting, but the transition along the way makes you blink at the confusing chain of thought.
He always said the older you get the harder it becomes so I'm going by that chain of thought at the minute.
Losonsky suggests that Descartes could as easily and properly have written, "I will, therefore I am," so that not only thinking but willing oneself to pursue a rigorous chain of thought not only conquers doubt but rescues us from solipsism by leading us to realize that we are imbedded in a material environment that is in part social.
He said: "I don't really know the chain of thought with that one, it just seems to have been endemic over the last couple of years.
There is a chain of thought that suggest players like Keane and Beckham will stay for Ferguson's last season and then look for a move.
This chain of thought led to my decision to do something as soon as possible.
Schmeichel is the main reason for that chain of thought as he has been in unbelievable form for them since the turn of the year pulling off save after save in the matches against Inter Milan and Juventus.
William of Ockham (1285--1349) contributed decisively to the medieval chain of thought leading to the Protestant Reformation.