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a letter that is sent successively to several people

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BEWARE of a chain email warning people about a phone scam
Meanwhile, a chain email urging people across Europe to join in the hunt for Madeleine was picking up pace yesterday.
thought we were just about stamping them out, until up popped the internet and gave birth to the chain email.
Thousands of sports fans voted for him after reading a chain email, but spoilsports at the Beeb disqualified him, saying the vote had been rigged.
IT had to happen one day - a chain email that's original and entertaining.
ANYONE dumb enough to fall for this chain email deserves to lose their shirt.
PLEASE stop sending us the Hotmail chain email about the firm shutting down users' accounts if they don't forward the message.
Now, if only we could track down whoever started the chain email offering free WAP phones.
DON'T feel too sorry for little Amy Bruce, the seven-year-old cancer and brain tumour sufferer featured in a charity chain email doing the rounds.
Not Facebook, not chain emails, not weight loss--worries about money.
A no-nonsense message to staff states: "Please do your bit by stopping 'replying to all', forwarding chain emails, copying in colleagues and using email when a phone call - or a face-to-face meeting - will do.
I was frustrated with the hassles of participating in group trips because it meant having to deal with chain emails, scheduling disasters, searching for travel deals, and trying to split up costs," said Mujteba Naqvi, Founder & CEO of Bonvoy.
Chain emails from cranks are predicting the end of the world or the "birth" of Satan.
Forward chain emails which promise to somehow result in a Ukrainian urchin gaining new shoes.