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French expressionist painter (born in Lithuania) (1893-1943)


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There, he met Chaim Soutine, three years his elder, and Michel Kikoine.
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L'art en fusion, el publico mexicano podra admirar cuatro telas de Amadeo Modigliani, entre las cuales se encuentra un hermoso retrato de Paul Guillaume; dos naturalezas muertas de Andre Derain y su famoso Arlequin; cuatro estupendas obras de Chaim Soutine, entre las que sobresalen Arbre couche (Arbol acostado) y Le petit patissier (El joven pastelero); un paisaje de Claude Monet.
A man has a work by Chaim Soutine tattooed onto his body ("Skin").
The expulsion came when in 1916, her latent gentility asserting itself, she refused to allow his uncouth Ashkenazi (or Slav-Jewish) friends, particularly the repulsive Chaim Soutine, into her circle.
Neel is as great a painter of abstract expressionist marks as Willem de Kooning or Chaim Soutine, (4) and I tend to look for those marks in her work, as much as I may read the expression and character of the subject.
For a while, the newly arrived works by Renoir, Cezanne, Picasso, Matisse, Modigliani, Andre Derain and Chaim Soutine became the stars of the museum.
TWO displays can look better than one Ixespecially with a simple design such as this Chaim Soutine rose head in coloured sand.
Precum Chaim Soutine, peintre maudit, intre cele doua razboaie, de la Ecole de Paris, care isi distrugea periodic panzele, asa imi pastrez eu nepicturile.
Thus, as Milly Heyd finds the Jewish experience in Man Ray, so Donald Kuspit and Avigdor Poseq independently find it in Chaim Soutine, Harriet Senie finds it in Richard Serra, and Gannit Ankori finds it in Hannah Wilke--in each case convincingly, thereby demonstrating anew how modernism engages the world obliquely, for no explicit Jewish subjects appear in any of these artists' works.
His work exerted a powerful influence on the development of much modern painting, in particular on the works of the Fauve painters, Chaim Soutine and the German Expressionists.
Heavily influenced by Vincent Van Gogh, Chaim Soutine, and Edvard Munch, Johnson had been working in an Expressionist style.
The Barnes holds one of the finest collections of post-impressionist and early modern paintings, with extensive holdings by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paul Cezanne, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Henri Rousseau, Amedeo Modigliani, Chaim Soutine and Giorgio de Chirico, as well as American masters Charles Demuth, William Glackens, Horace Pippin, and Maurice Prendergast, old master paintings, important examples of African sculpture and Native American ceramics, jewelry and textiles, American paintings and decorative arts, and antiquities from the Mediterranean region and Asia.
4), Francis Bacon, Mark Rothko, Pablo Picasso, Georgia O'Keeffe, Chaim Soutine, Alberto Giacometti, Robert Ryman, Jean Dubuffet, Nicolas de Stael, and Agnes Martin.
His paintings, though uniquely fragile, are still caught between the violence of the graffiti mark and the strange beauty of Expressionism (see L'oiseau 'Bird', 1949, an ode to Chaim Soutine if there ever was one), making Wols a fascinating figure of his historical moment, when the vestiges of an authentic belief in painting persisted throughout the horrors of World War II and into the postwar moment of new beginnings.