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a Bantu language spoken by the Chaga in northern Tanzania

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Our research and that of the contributors here showed many other similarities between the rural hinterlands of PNG and the suffering Chagga of Mt.
The secret of the men: A fiction of Chagga initiation and its relation to the logic of Chagga symbolism.
Moreover, some breeds that are critically endangered have fewer than 1,000 animals, such as the Ghana Dwarf Muturu (humpless shorthorns), Mkalama Dun (Small East African Zebu), Pare (Small East African Zebu), Chagga (Small East African Zebu), Baria (Small East African Zebu), Nkone (South African sanga), Pedi (South African sanga), and Shangan (South African sanga) (Rege, 1999).
Maybe I don't pay attention to it," says Khalfan, who is the son of a Muslim father from the Segeju people and a Christian mother from the Chagga people.
1975), "Selection for Failure in a Small Social Field: Ritual Concord and Fraternal Strife among the Chagga, Kilimanjaro, 1968-1969," in S.
In Chagga Gardens, a small coffee community located in Mount Kilimanjaro, the average coffee plantation is sheltered by the shade of banana trees and other tall plants.
Grove, Alison, 1993, 'Water use by the Chagga on Kilimanjaro', African Affairs, 92, 431- 448
8%) Chagga, 11 Zaramo, 4 Pare, 2 Masai, 1 Somali, 1 Sambaa, 1 Mgogo, 1 Nyiramba Religion 115 (88.
The then Kilimanjaro IAC chapter, now ACTPEW, Tanzania, informed us in 2005 about unrest amongst the Chagga people of Moshi town and the widespread performance of FGM due to lawalawa.
McCormack, nicknamed Chagga, was among 14 people snared by detectives probing a Costa Blanca drug smuggling gang allegedly linked to the Lyons clan.
Chagga is nicked by Costa cops Lyons henchman in drug arrest From Page One cocaine and cannabis seized by cops on the Costa Blanca was destined for the Lyons mob and their Glasgow underworld empire.