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a Bantu language spoken by the Chaga in northern Tanzania

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The most detailed evidence for East African traditions incorporating bananas comes from three highland societies where it serves as the most important staple food crop: the Ganda, who inhabit the area bordering the north-west shores of Lake Nyanza; (67) the Chagga, who settled the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania; (68) and the Nyakyusa-Ngonde, whose mountainous lands stretch across the north end of Lake Malawi.
In order to plant these new varieties, the residents of Chagga Gardens would have to remove the surrounding vegetation.
Chagga is nicked by Costa cops Lyons henchman in drug arrest From Page One cocaine and cannabis seized by cops on the Costa Blanca was destined for the Lyons mob and their Glasgow underworld empire.
Alex will spend five weeks in the East African country during which time he will teach English to the children of the Chagga tribe and help build a new school canteen.
A chawn ei weld yn dysgu sut mae gwneud coffi yng nghwmni ffermwyr o lwyth y Chagga, sy'n byw ar lethrau mynydd Kilimanjaro.
Indigenous technology also includes stream diversion for crop irrigation, such as in the Chagga culture on the slopes of Kilimanjiro, and construction of drainage ditches and cultivation of raised beds in low-lying wetlands, such as in the Nyanga highlands of Zimbabwe (Soper, 2006).
If you treat Pasagarda law or the Common Law Movement or Giriama or Chagga disputing processes and discursive practices as examples of institutionalized normative orders that exist as a social fact it is not necessary to inquire about their validity, legitimacy, justice, or authority.
Topics include the politics and reception of Petros Lamula's UZulukaMalandela, which cast the Zulu as the Children of Israel awaiting deliverance from the white oppressor, Harry Nkumbula and the promotion of Zambian nationalism, the influence of European anthropology on Chagga authors of northeastern Tanzania, dissident historical writing in postcolonial Uganda and Zambia, and historical writing and the promotion of national culture in Senegal.
The analysis indicated that, along with decreasing rainfall and shorter rainy seasons, the decline of coffee production as a cash crop, and a change in the traditional carbohydrate diet from bananas to maize, was leading the local Chagga people to cut down the taller trees in the agro-forestry system.
by Vesey-FitzGerald (1964), Phipps (1959, 1966, 1968), and Okelo (1987), by Robertson & Chapman (1962), Robertson (1967) for SW Tanzania, Jago & Masinde (1968), Hochkirch (1996) for the Usambara Mountains, and Hemp & Hemp 2003 and Hemp 2005a for montane grasslands and the Chagga home gardens on Mt Kilimanjaro.
What might be legitimate attempts to incorporate ethnic and cultural aspects of people like the Chagga (Gutmann) and the Kate (Keysser) in the manner sketched out by Warneck, was used by Afrikaner theologians to bolster a separate ethnic approach to black Africans which denied the catholicity of a mixed-race congregation and became for Bosch "totally incompatible" with the community of Jesus.
726), and ngoso among Chagga (Moore, 1976), are critically tied to maturity concepts.
But it is true that today, Chagga culture has crumbled and is dead.
Other examples of self-help may be found among the Chagga of
De igual forma, Emanatian (1999), en su estudio acerca de la relacion entre las metaforas y el repertorio cultural extralinguistico del Chagga (una lengua bantu de Tanzania), especificamente en los rituales de iniciacion sexual, verifica la existencia de EL ACTO SEXUAL ES COMER.