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a Turkic literary language of medieval central Asia (named for one of the sons of Genghis Khan)

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It presents the Chagatay in fully punctuated transcription, thus informing the reader how the editor thinks the text ought to be read.
It makes use of two other Chagatay MSS - the so-called Elphinstone us in Edinburgh (= E), and a fragmentary MS in London (= L) - which, though inferior to H, nevertheless, as Mano demonstrates, sometimes preserve superior readings and cannot be ignored when establishing the text;
A shortcoming in all critical analysis of the Chagatay text to date is the failure to utilize the great Chagatay-Persian dictionary of Mirza Mahdi Khan, compiled in the mid-eighteenth century and entitled Sanglax (= S).
Thackston only occasionally supplies the missing passage in the Chagatay text; more often he supplies it only in the English, based on P.
Mano's judgment about Thackston's Chagatay text (vol.