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Synonyms for disease

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Opened just a few months ago, a clinic inside Olive View-UCLA Medical Center in Sylmar is the first in the nation specifically devoted to the study and treatment of Chagas disease, a parasitic illness discovered in Latin America in 1909.
Across 2 regions in Mexico, including 1 where Chagas disease was previously considered nonendemic, seroprevalence of T.
Dracunculiasis (guniea worm disease), lymphatic filariasis, blinding trachoma, Human African trypanosomiasis, leprosy, soil-transmitted helminthiasis, schistosomiasis, onochocerciasis, Chagas disease, and visceral leishmaniasis.
The authors of the letter observed that when Chagas disease screening of the US blood supply began in early 2007, more than 500 donors with the disease were identified in the first 18 months.
Transfusion-transmitted Chagas disease is caused by the extraerythrocytic parasite Trypanosoma cruzi (Figure 2).
The boy was given a diagnosis of congenital Chagas disease accompanied by megacolon.
In a collaborative effort to address unmet medical needs for neglected diseases, Eisai and DNDi will work in tandem to bring a new treatment option for patients with Chagas disease as early as possible.
When the group administered three of the drugs to cultured human smooth-muscle cells infected with Chagas disease parasites, one drug killed significant numbers of parasites.
The screening will be undertaken at the Eskitis Institute for Cell and Molecular Therapies, Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia for HAT and the Institut Pasteur Korea, for VL and Chagas disease.
Although public health programs have significantly reduced the prevalence of Chagas disease in Latin America in recent decades, the number of infections in the United States and non-endemic countries in Europe and the Western Pacific Region continues to rise.
cruzi through breast-feeding to adequately inform breast-feeding mothers with Chagas disease.
Under the project, Caritas and Bayer staff will visit schools in rural areas, which are often cut off from healthcare services, to provide comprehensive and age-appropriate, on-the-spot education about Chagas disease.
Chagas disease afflicts an estimated 18 million in Latin America and threatens about a quarter of the region's population.
The cases involve a Minnesota man who died from routine knee surgery which was attributed to a bacterial infection caused by tainted tissue allograft, and 2 women who died of Chagas disease after receiving solid organ transplants from the same Latin American donor.
He is concentrating on immune responses against sugars found on the surfaces of the parasite causing Chagas disease, a primary cause of heart disease in areas where the parasite is endemic.