chafing dish

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a metal pan over a heater

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200 YEARS AGO: Two boys, one about 16 and the other 8 years of age, at Tutbury in Staffordshire, having incautiously a few nights ago taken a chafing-dish into their room to warm it, the deleterious sulphur deprived the youngest of his life in the course of the night, and the elder had nearly perished.
Cooks will find that it is a good fuel for the small burner under a fondue pot or chafing-dish.
Star collars on caroling candles keep wax off hands; gold centerpiece ornaments reflect chafing-dish candles' gentle flames.
For materials, you'll need paper for pattern, medium-weight bristol board (preferably gold or silver), chafing-dish candies or caroling candles of your choice, and glitter.
With the craft knife, divide circle into sixteenths, as shown in drawing above right; push V-shaped prongs down, snipping points off for chafing-dish candle collars.