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small European finch with a cheerful song

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I saw this group of chaffinches and among them was this white one.
Unlike Chaffinches, which migrate during the day, Bramblings migrate at night, as do Redwings.
In this case thousands of chaffinches move to Britain from Scandinavia, and the Baltic countries, whilst many greenfinches from the same area winter in the Low Countries.
You can entice robins, blue tits, chaffinches, wrens and many other small birds into your garden just by leaving out some hearty snacks for them to feast on.
A DEADLY disease hitting greenfinches and chaffinches in the UK has spread to Europe.
with your chatter of chaffinches, your spent exaltation of larks.
It was good news for adult birds as well, with house sparrows, blue tits and chaffinches spotted in a greater percentage of gardens by people taking part in the survey than last year.
London, August 15 (ANI): Malaria is killing off a growing number of British birds including sparrows, chaffinches, owls and nightingales, experts say.
He was found guilty of caging chaffinches, goldfinches and linnet after 22 of the birds, which were not captive-bred, were found distressed with rings on their legs and their heads pushed through the bars.
Trichomoniasis has been spreading rapidly in recent weeks and has already wiped out huge numbers of native species including greenfinches, chaffinches, goldfinches and sparrows.
Bird tables will attract robins, house and tree sparrows, doves, pigeons, bullfinches, green finches, chaffinches and bramblings, whereas food scattered on the ground will attract blackbirds, thrushes, dunnocks and wrens.
The last to join the chores, such as chaffinches and blue tits, may not chime in until 100 minutes after the first crooners began.
There are more than half a dozen species of finch prevalent in Merseyside with chaffinches, goldfinches and greenfinches the most targeted.
The Everyday 4 Seed Blend, Supreme 8 Seed Blend and No Mess 12 Seed Blend have been developed to help attract the widest variety of wild birds into the garden, including woodpeckers, dunnocks, collared doves and chaffinches.