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Dwi wedi hoffi caneuon y grwp hwn erioed, ac ni chaf fy siomi wrth i un cryno ddisg da ragori ar y dwytha.
Tenders are invited for Repair / Replacement Of Street Light Fittings Hpmv/Hpsv/Metal Halide /Cfl Of Various Sizes And Repairs Of Earthings Of Sub Station/ Buildings And Lightining Protection And Fire Alaram Cum Detection System At Chaf Bangalore
Most of the usual offerings one will encounter at an Indian restaurant were there, though the chaf bee-ran sounded delightful: lamb chops smothered in ginger, garlic and mixed spices grilled until the spices have been absorbed and then wrapped in thin white bread.
Tenders are invited for B And R Nature Repairs To Inside And Out Side Hospital Area At Chaf Bangalore
Wrth i mi nesu at ei hoedran hi pan fu farw, sylweddolaf na chaf innau chwaith ddim gweld y darlun cyflawn, y darlun o Gymru yr hoffwn fod wedi ei weld.
Tenders are invited for Addition/Alteration To Afids Building And Repairs To Sanitary Annexes,Sanitary Lines,Animal House, Cook House And Certain Other Works Chaf Bangalore
BYDDAF yn derbyn Yr herald i fyny yma yn ucheldiroedd yr Alban, trwy garedigrwydd ffrind, a chaf fwynhad mawr o'i darllen.
Tenders are invited for Repairs /Replacement Of Gi/Ci Pipe Line With Fittings And Pumps Of Different Type Including Map Accn And Maintenance Of Chloronome Plants, Water Level Indicators At Chaf Bangalore
Ymorffwys rol taith, a drachtio o'r dw r Yn sanctaidd o'r hen ffynnon fach, A chaf innau egwyl o flinder y dydd Yng nghwmni'r awelon iach.
Rhof fy mhen i lawr i gysgu Yn Dy gariad Grist yr Iesu, A chaf gysgu tan y borau, Dyner Geidwad yn Dy freichiau.
Rhyfedd na chaf i fyth ei ffonio eto a chlywed ei llais.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Modern Multistoried Hospital Complex At Chaf Bangalore