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arrowworms: a group of small active transparent marine worms

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Distribuicao das especies de Chaetognatha na plataforma continental de Sergipe e Alagoas.
We first identified all the zooplankton per large taxonomic groups (typically Order), and later several taxonomic experts helped us to identify species for the 12 selected zooplankton groups: Copepoda, Cladocera, Decapoda, Euphausiacea, Amphipoda, Mysidacea, Siphonophora, Chaetognatha, Pteropoda, Appendicularia, Cephalopoda, and Pisces (fish larvae).
Systematics of Chaetognatha under the light of molecular data, using duplicated ribosomal 18S DNA sequences.
crab Diogeninae Leucosiidae Xanthidae Porcellanidae Chaetognatha 199.
Siphonophora, Heteropoda, Copepoda, Euphausiacea, Chaetognatha and Salpidae.
221-347 in Microscopical Anatomy of Invertebrates: Hemichordata, Chaetognatha and the Invertebrate Chordates, Vol.
Distribution and annual occurrence of Chaetognatha off Cananeia and Santos coast (Sao Paulo, Brazil).
Meanwhile, a total of 52,309 organisms were identified as zooplankton; these were distributed among 16 taxonomic groups belonging to the phyla Cnidaria, Ctenophora, Chaetognatha, Annelida, Nemertina, Arthropoda, Tunicata, and Vertebrata.
Pteropoda, cladocera, and chaetognatha associations as hydrological indicators in the southern Brazilian Shelf
1, Hemichordata, Chaetognatha, and the Invertebrate Chordates, G.
Species in the Chaetognatha are pelagic and highly transparent, with the exception of the benthic Spadellidae and certain species at the lower end of the dysphotic zone (Fig.
In this study, 29 species of oceanic zooplankton from seven phyla (Cnidaria, Ctenophora, Annelida, Mollusca, Crustacea, Chaetognatha, and Chordata) were collected from six sites in the Northwestern Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.
Na-channel-based excitability in invertebrate muscle fibers was previously reported to exist only in the phylum Chaetognatha (comprising the "arrow worms", ref.
The Invertebrates: Smaller Coelomate Groups, Chaetognatha, Hemichordata, Pogonophora, Phoronida, Ectoprocta, Brachiopoda, Sipunculida, the Coelomate Bilateria, Vol.
In a separate study, we tested the effects of pressure on the metabolic rates of Aegina citrea, Crossota rufobrunnea, three species of Chaetognatha, and a mesopelagic polychaete worm, Poeobius meseres (Childress and Thuesen, 1993).