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large stiff-haired rodent of shortgrass prairies of United States

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Three species were found only in the terrace grassland habitat: Three Chaetodipus hispidus were captured (mean of 0.
Chaetodipus hispidus and Reithrodontomys have both been reported to occupy habitat consisting of denser vegetation in which bare soil is <40% of the area (Webster and Jones, 1982; Wilkins, 1986).
2002 Taxon Colony Non-colony Baiomys taylori 0 1 Chaetodipus hispidus 5 32 Cryptotis parva 0 1 Microtus ochrogaster 2 0 Mus musculus 0 1 Onychomys leucogaster 29 19 Perognathus 7 17 Peromyscus 76 107 Reithrodontomys 4 35 Sigmodon hispidus 0 6 Spermophilus tridecemlineatus 7 3 Total 130 222 2003 Taxon Colony Non-colony Total Baiomys taylori 0 0 1 Chaetodipus hispidus 8 57 102 Cryptotis parva 0 0 1 Microtus ochrogaster 0 3 5 Mus musculus 0 0 1 Onychomys leucogaster 54 4 106 Perognathus 4 7 35 Peromyscus 77 124 384 Reithrodontomys 2 32 73 Sigmodon hispidus 0 41 47 Spermophilus tridecemlineatus 37 19 66 Total 182 287 821
Sigmodon hispidus, Chaetodipus hispidus and Baiomys taylori, are most often associated with the vegetation along fencerows (Pesaturo et al.
Heteromyid taxa, such as Chaetodipus hispidus and Perognathus merriami, also contribute substantially to barn owl diets in Webb County.
Other small mammals collected in the same area include Chaetodipus hispidus and Peromyscus leucopus.
montanus include Chaetodipus hispidus and Baiomys taylori.
maniculatus include Chaetodipus hispidus and Peromyscus leucopus.
Having a well-documented statewide range (Davis & Schmidly 1994), Chaetodipus hispidus almost certainly is present at or in the vicinity of Clymer Meadow.
Other ground-dwelling rodents at this site were Peromyscus leucopus, Peromyscus maniculatus, Reithrodontomys fulvescens, Chaetodipus hispidus, Neotoma floridana, and Mus musculus.
The results of these collections comprise the basis for this report, which includes a new species record for Culberson County, and delineates the northern periphery of the regional ranges for Chaetodipus hispidus, C.
Chaetodipus hispidus paradoxus (Merriam, 1889), hispid pocket mouse.
However, a secure and established desert grasslands fauna (represented by Chaetodipus hispidus, Reithrodontomys fulvescens, Sigmodon hispidus) is also present.
leucopus (29), Neotoma micropus and Chaetodipus hispidus (16), Reithrodontomys montanus (6), Perognathus flavus (3), and Sylvilagus floridanus (2).
Early Holocene elements are more typical of a desert fauna, but some species (for example, Chaetodipus hispidus, Peromyscus difficilis, Reithrodontomys fulvescens) are indicative of somewhat more mesic circumstances.