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a Hebrew title of respect for a wise and highly educated man

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Amos Chacham, Sefer Iyov (Jerusalem: Mosad Harav Kook, 1970).
An example of a limiting factor is "Children who are mocking me" (Huntzler, Fliess, Chacham & Van den Auweele, 2002, pg.
Also, the comments that related to the failures support the idea that empowering the student in an inclusion setting better prepares the child for real-life (Huntzler, Fliess, Chacham & Van den Auweele, 2002).
Thus Chacham has presented us with nine very brave and very sane dissenters.
It is indeed the province of the talmud chacham (or the student of the wise; the highest form of approbation in rabbinic culture) to entertain that level of multiplicity.
Alessandra S Chacham, (a) Simone G Diniz, (b) Monica B Maia, (c) Ana F Galati, (d) Liz A Mirim (e)
Quotes and text were translated from Portuguese by Alessandra Chacham.