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Synonyms for Chablis

a town in north central France noted for white Burgundy wines

dry white table wine of Chablis, France or a wine resembling it

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I prefer the riper, more flavoursome, oaked chardonnays from further south, but I've tasted a handful of relatively inexpensive chablis recently that led me to seriously rethink.
Although Chablis is great with fish, I reckon this one would also stand up well to some red meats.
Similarly, Chablis at M&S is a credit to the Chablis brand, whereas Chablis from a discount store, in my view, disgraces the famous label.
Terlato Wines International announces an exclusive, long-term marketing agreement with MISCHIEF AND MAYHEM, which makes wines from a range of vineyard sites throughout the Cote d' Or and Chablis.
The inhabitants control the feminine looks of their city and exclude individuals such as Chablis and Danny Hansford on account of their race, sexual orientation, and free spirit.
It's no wonder that an afternoon glass of Chablis is more than welcome.
Wine importer Paterno Wines International has announced that it has added the Chablis producer Domaine Louis Moreau to its portfolio.
Leth's liberal, anthropological decency is tested when the booze-swilling imp von Trier assigns him to stage the film's famous dinner scene--fish and Chablis served at a lavish table--in the "most miserable place" he can find on earth.
Michel Laroche, the Chablis producer, has seen its first half net attributable profit fall to 570,000 euros (US$706,340) from 730,000 euros in the same period of 2002/03, according to just-drinks.
Trapenard has recently had his best results with Le Chablis, the winner of a pair of Group 3 chases who possesses an impressive turn of foot.
When you're driving a Cadillac, a girl thinks she's driving 65 when she's actually going 85 or a hundred," Chablis explained by telephone from San Juan, Puerto Rico--on a vacation she claims she earned after the mini whirlwind of publicity following her arrest.
Also well worth trying is the Marks and Spencer Chablis, a bit more expensive but again showing what the grape tastes like in its purest form.
Olympia oysters and French Chablis do what they do, I think, because each is intensely evocative of one tiny place.
The Chardonnay and Chablis crowd can take heart: It's not just red wine that provides protection against heart disease.