spring roll

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minced vegetables and meat wrapped in a pancake and fried

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If you like your dinner with a nice spice kick, go for B2 Cha Gio, chicken morsels stir-fried with lemon grass, hot peppers and sweet onion ($9.
Food in southern Vietnam is renowned for being fresh, so try the cha gio (spring rolls) - prawn, pork, fresh mint and bean sprouts rolled in wafer-thin rice paper and dipped into fish sauce - or the fried quail.
Cha Gio Dac Biet Spring Rolls are available under the Saoviet brand produced by Cong Ty Tnhh Thuc Pham in Tan Binh, Vietnam.
Annie's house specialty, a quartet of deep-fried, cha gio spring rolls ($5.
500) and golden crispy spring rolls called Cha Gio Hanoi (BD5.