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of or relating to Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) or its people or culture


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There are of course the seemingly eternally smiling faces of the natives; this continuity is hard to believe, and hard to swallow as a white viewer who knows that the British Empire exploited the Ceylonese.
No Ceylonese combat troops were deployed by the British after the Cocos Islands mutiny.
i: (as in bean) e ee ie ea ae y i eo ei ey ui oe defreeze piecemeal faeces completability Timorese repeople preconceive Ceylonese Guianese synoekete (an insect that lives harmlessly with ants or other\ social insects)
The UAE squad will square up against 42nd IRB ranked Sri Lanka at Colombo's Ceylonese Rugby and Football Club on Saturday in what will be the new UAE Rugby association's first competitive match since the Arabian Gulf Rugby Football Union (AGRFU) was disbanded at the end of last year.
The long list of the world's recent ethnically fueled atrocities includes Tutsi versus Hutu, Iraqi Shiite and Sunni versus Kurd, Tamil versus Ceylonese, Basque versus Spaniard, and Pashtun versus Tajik and Uzbek.
Orwell's "taste" preference for Indian or Ceylonese tea is not surprising given he and both parents were born in India, but sound reasons are still given.
The Ceylonese experience awakened a lifelong interest in Roman-Dutch law, of which he became the acknowledged master.
Well yes, but the Ceylonese setting of Bizet's Les pecheurs de perles has potential for exotic visuals, a point not overlooked in the San Diego Opera production presented by OdeM Nov.
The rest, as recorded by Abdullah (1993: 51-53) are (a) Ar-Risalat An-Naqshbandiyyah ("The Naqshbadiyyah epistle"), (b) Fath Ar-Rahman ("The conquest of the Most Merciful"), (c) Asrar As-Salah ("The secrets of the ritual prayer "), (d) At-Tuhfat As-Saylaniyyah ("The Ceylonese gift") (e) At-Tuhfat Ar-Rabbaniyyah ("The divine gift"), (f) At-Tuhfat Al-Labib ("The essential gift"), (g) Maktub ("The recorded [matters]"), (h) Al-Minhaj As-Saylaniyyah ("The Ceylonese method"), (i) Qurrat Al-'Ayn ("The essence of the eye"), (j) Sirr al-Asrar ("The secret of all secrets") and (k) Taj al-Asrar ("The crown of all secrets").
Those on South and Southeast Asian history examine Kharavela, early Ceylonese inscriptions, Indian tradition and time, transporting gangetic nard from Muziris, Vidisa in the days of Gupta hegemony, early medieval Orissa, and Tagore's take on Southeast Asian and Indian relations.
Later, at a luncheon with a Ceylonese library official, he found out from his host's son, a practicing advocate, that the library did indeed have "reference" service, but probing revealed that "reference service" meant that if you have the number of the book you want, a peon will get it for you.
39) And for Woolf the reluctant imperialist, that attitude coincides with his attempts to see the other side, to interpret events from the Ceylonese point of view.
Livera, while applying for the post of systematic botanist in 1924, started his application signing, "I am a Ceylonese of the Burgher community and 27 years of age.
This time out, Ondaatje focuses mostly on the Ceylonese experiences of Leonard Woolf.