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a promontory in northern Morocco opposite the Rock of Gibraltar

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For Henry, decorated for bravery by his father, the taking of Ceuta in 1415 would be a pivotal moment.
Today, that fear remains more pronounced in Ceuta and Melilla than in the rest of Spain, where the constitutional status of the two enclaves remains uncertain despite their designated status as autonomous regions.
In early December more than 400 sub-Saharan African migrants managed to force their way over the Ceuta border fence.
Ceuta, de unos 84 mil habitantes, es un enclave espanol en el norte de Africa, colindante con Marruecos y en la costa del Estrecho de Gibraltar, en el Mediterraneo.
The number of residents in Ceuta which have set out for Syria with the intention of fighting there against the regime of (President) Bashar Assad has now reached at least nine, according to sources familiar with the ongoing investigations," reported El Pais, the Spanish daily.
With its 15th century cathedral and duty-free shopping, Ceuta is a popular destination for cruise ships and day trippers from mainland Spain and neighboring Portugal.
Ceuta and another Spanish city, Melilla, are on Morocco's northern coast and many undocumented immigrants try to sneak into them in hopes of eventually reaching the Spanish mainland in search of a better life.
Marruecos ha reivindicado Ceuta y Melilla desde que ese pais obtuvo su independencia completa, tras los episodios coloniales que compartieron Francia y Espana.
Supply and installation of public lighting luminaires for the so-called district 9 in the Barriadas de Ceuta Plan, whose objective is to improve the energy efficiency of the public lighting of said district by transforming the exterior lighting installations.
RABAT, Morocco, Rabi'II 6, 1435, Feb 6, 2014, SPA -- Moroccan authorities said emergency services have recovered the bodies of seven people who drowned after attempting to swim to the nearby Spanish enclave of Ceuta, AP reported.
Summary: Cairo - The Inter-Arab parliamentary Union (IAPU) renewed on Thursday its full support for the efforts made by Morocco to retrieve northern Moroccan cities of Ceuta and Melilla and Chafarinas islands.
La mayoria son ninos que fueron abandonados por sus padres en la frontera entre Tetuan, Marruecos, y Ceuta, obligados por la extrema pobreza en la que viven.
The victims were all North Africans travelling on the Tangiers-bound ferry Ciudad de Ceuta, which was hit on its passenger deck by its sister vessel, Ciudad de Tanger, during the early hours of the morning in the Straits of Gibraltar.
Contract notice: Contract for the conservation, Entertainment and renovation of outdoor public lighting installations and traffic lights in the autonomous city of ceuta
La primera informacion sobre la conexion ceuti con la celula de Al Qaeda surgio en noviembre, cuando el juez Baltasar Garzon detuvo en Madrid a Mohamed Needl Acaid, alias Nidal, esposo de la hija del barbero Fadal Mohamed, quien despues de la detencion cerro su negocio ubicado en el mercado central de Ceuta.