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a promontory in northern Morocco opposite the Rock of Gibraltar

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Morocco has never officially recognised Spanish sovereignty in Ceuta or Melilla, and their existence is partially to blame for ongoing tensions between the two nations, though both economically benefit to a certain extent from their continued existence.
Greater C:N ratios were detected in oysters from the Ceuta lagoon than the Urias lagoon during the dry season (Table 2), which could be associated with food availability.
This network, based in Ceuta and Fnideq, carried out fundraising, indoctrination, and organising and financing travel, in contact with other terrorists and following the guidelines of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organisation.
Carta arqueologica terrestre del termino municipal de Ceuta (Universidad de Cadiz-Ciudad Autonoma de Ceuta).
Rhode", which was carrying chemicals, moored to Port Ceuta in September 2009 after an engine failure.
A civil guard helicopter noticed the sinking boat just after 9am (0700GMT) off the disputed island known as Perejil to Spaniards and Leila to Moroccans, in Moroccan waters near Ceuta, and the Royal Moroccan Navy was alerted.
Ceuta Healthcare, famed as Europe's leading outsourcing company within the health and beauty industry, has set up a new health food team, selling new products into health food stores around the country.
TWO Moroccans were trampled to death and about 20 people were injured yesterday as a crowd pushed to cross into Morocco from the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.
Yesterday: Western Trader, Felixstowe; Gas Evoluzione, Leixoes; Jacobus Broere, Antwerp; BW Odin, Mongstad; Happy Girl, Ceuta.
In southern Spain, stormy weather prompted the suspension of ferry links with the Moroccan port of Tangier and Spain's north African enclave of Ceuta.
A firefighter who went to empty a flooded garage suffered burns from equipment and another person was injured by a mudslide in Ceuta.
Ken Ames, 41, and his wife Veronica, 46, of Morgan Street, Caerphilly, were snapped in Ceuta, Spain, on a Mediterranean cruise.
Ideal Cruising (0800 977 8561)hasa16-night 'Norwegian Dream'trip, leaving from Barcelona on October 9 for Florida via Alicante, Ceuta, Funchal, Madeira, St Thomas and Miami.
Ceuta Healthcare appointment strengthens UK marketing and distribution