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Crawford (2015) gave a very elaborate record of the ethnic uses of cetrarioid lichens, including Cetraria islandica, Cetrelia pseudolivetorum, Flavocetraria cucullata, Flavocetraria nivalis, Masonhalea richardsonii, Nephromopsis pallescens, Vulpicida canadensis, Vulpicida juniperinus and Vulpicida pinastri.
The extracts had a high total phenolic content, and the main constituents identified by HPLC were fumarprotocetraric acid in Cetraria islandica, and usnic, pinastric and vulpinic acids in Vulpicida canadensis.
rangiferina, Rhizocarpon geographicum, Cladonia sulphurina, Cladina stellaris, Cetraria nivalis, Alectoria ochroleuca Mosses Sphagnum riparium, S.
For example, reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) normally feed almost exclusively on lichens (Cladonia, Cetraria, etc.
At our study site, N-fixers such as legumes and the lichen Cetraria are present in prairie but absent from forest (Table 1), suggesting that N-fixation is not responsible for high N availability in forest soils.
Iceland moss, Cetraria islandica has been used traditionally to treat chest conditions and for relief of stomach ulcers (Ingolfsdottir et al.
Citada previamente por Gomez-Bolea & Hladun (1981) y Gomez-Bolea (1985) como Cetraria pinastri.
Other lichens, such as the genera Cetraria and Stereocaulon), are less edible but they are also eaten by reindeer.
Cetraria steppae Savicz is conspecific with Cetraria aculeata (Schreb.
Bryophytes, primarily mosses (Calliergon, Drepanocladus, Polytrichum, Sphagnum) and lichens (Thamnolia, Dactylina, Cetraria, Cladonia), are also abundant (Webber, 1978).
Foliose types are also common, such as Parmelia, Physcia, Cetraria, and Xanthoria.
Cetraria crespoae (Barreno & Vazquez) Karnefelt--H: Fos (1998).
Immunologically active polysaccharide from Cetraria islandica.