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small genus of Old World ferns

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Diagnostic species: Asplenium ceterach (=Ceterach officinarum)
In Tajikistan Asplenium ceterach was reported from several locations in western part of the country.
Phylogenetic and biosystematic relationships in four highly disjunct polyploid complexes in the subgenera Ceterach and Phyllitis in Asplenium (Aspleniaceae).
These adaptive strategies have long attracted the attention of plant physiologists, and detailed ecophysiological studies have been performed on a number of taxa, including a variety of cheilanthoid ferns (Pickett and Manuel, 1926; Iljin, 1931; Hevly, 1963; Quirk and Chamber, 1981), Hymenophyllum (Hartel, 1940 a, b; Hietz and Briomes, 1998; Proctor, 2003), Asplenium ceterach L.
1981), and 96-98% in Asplenium ceterach (Rouschal, 1938).