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It is consistent with the idea that some key traits opened up new ways of being 'whale-like' to the earliest ancestors of modern cetaceans, and that these ancestors evolved to fill them.
The features of this near-complete fossil, especially those of the tail, indicate that Maiacetus didn't have a fluked tail like modern cetaceans, says Uhen.
The bottlenose dolphin was the most frequently seen cetacean with 146 sightings, while harbour porpoises were reported 106 times during the week.
According to Thabit Zahran Al Abdul Salaam, Director of Marine Biodiversity Management at EAD, the killer whale, or Orcinus orca, belongs to the group of cetaceans, which includes whales and dolphins, but is not strictly a whale.
Cetaceans are divided into two suborders: Mysticeti (baleen whales) and Odontoceti (toothed whales, which include dolphins and porpoises).
This has been a banner year for viewing the massive mammals, according to the American Cetacean Society.
During IMMP's visit to Spain, ADDA helped organize a conference in the city of Barcelona to talk about the problems of cetacean captivity, dolphin swim programs, and dolphin-assisted therapies.
Each year, Japan allows more than 22,000 small cetaceans to be legally harvested for food around the coast of Japan, although Naoko Funahashi, Japan's representative for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, estimates the actual catch is around 17,000-19,000.
Environmentalists are concerned, and want the project delayed until the potential effects on cetaceans are fully assessed.
Almost a quarter of the world's whale species have been spotted around Ireland and in 1991 the Government recognised the area's importance to cetaceans by designating a 200 mile radius around the coast as a whale sanctuary.
According to Heizer (1947), petroglyphs on the cliffs of Cape Alitak, on Kodiak Island, Alaska, may depict cetaceans such as "the sperm whale, killer whale, and perhaps the porpoise or beluga.
Contract notice: SMRU Ships for Surveys of Cetaceans During 2016 as part of the SCANS-III project.
The study is meant to lead to better understanding of the factors that influence the distribution and abundance of cetaceans -- one of the most distinctive and highly specialised orders of mammals, which include species like dolphins, porpoises, whales and dugongs.
Over the last three years, an average of 107 cetaceans a year have been stranded along the Welsh coast.
Proposed Amendment of Parks Control By-law Section 9e in Regard to Keeping Cetaceans in Captivity Voted Down; Amendment to Establish Vancouver Aquarium Oversight Committee Passes