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Synonyms for cesspit

a place known for its great filth or corruption

Synonyms for cesspit

a covered cistern

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About health and sanitation, the District Nazim informed that in view of the limited resources of the Taluka Administrations, the District Government has provided Garbage Hydraulic Trucks and Cess Pool Tnakers to 41 Union Councils of the district while tractor trolleys have also been provided in rural parts of the district.
Only by setting such an example can it be ensured that true supporters are never linked with the scum who swim in the cess pool of football thuggery.
Sh:- Improvements To Cess Pool, Providing And Laying Interlocking Paver Blocks And Miscellaneous Works At Athani
What we find is a stinking cess pool of incest, petty thuggery, piety and rage - and that's well before the cataclysmic events described when Adolf is conceived by Alois Hitler and his wife and niece, Klara.
Residents in Flecknoe are set to say goodbye to cess pools and septic tanks when the pounds 640,000 scheme is completed at the end of next month.