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Synonyms for cesspit

a place known for its great filth or corruption

Synonyms for cesspit

a covered cistern

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Acorn Cess Pit and Septic Tank Emptying, Old Llanharan Road, Pencoed
Surnames in Europe have been around since the 12th century when people became known by their occupation - Forrester, Smith, Cooper and Cess Pit.
The waste travelled through a chute into a purpose built stone cess pit in the garden.
YOUR columnist Barbara Argument opines that "brushing guilt from our citizen Teesside shoulders is not easy to do" when analysing "what bobbed to the cess pit surface" of the immigration service workings, and the "nightmare stuff being done in our name".
He went on to say she was a tart with a mouth like a cess pit who couldn't be bothered to brush her teeth.
This hole in the ground was at first thought by archaeologists to be a well, but on closer examination was deemed to be a cess pit from a network of sewers dating to around 1800, which would have catered for some well- to-do houses in the street.
His body was dumped in a cess pit, generally used for animal carcasses.
Strangely the answer seems to be to pour more of our money into this cess pit of corruption and avarice.
How sad we have reached the bottom of the cess pit with Jordan, who has surely put women's rights of equality back 100 years.