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an atomic clock based on the energy difference between two states of the caesium nucleus in a magnetic field

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Its "time" is derived by averaging the readings received from some 200 cesium clocks around the world--a calculation that takes time to do.
The cesium clock, accurate to one second every 162,000 years, is used in government laboratories worldwide.
Under this agreement Siemens customers will profit from the complete product range of Datum's highly sophisticated synchronization equipment, including Cesium clocks, GPS clocks and Synchronization Supply Units.
This next generation laser also has applications in the much larger market for commercial cesium clocks, including those deployed in GPS systems.
network of redundant cesium clocks, and provides the correct time for any time zone on earth in a unique easy-to-read A.
The company is the largest volume manufacturer of cesium atomic clocks in the world and has supplied the majority of cesium clocks used within the USA's Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system.
The upgrade involves converting the GPS cesium clocks from analog to digital -- the first-ever use of the commercially available digital cesium standard technology on a spacecraft.
These satellites are equipped with onboard cesium clocks and orbit the earth in six orbital planes at an altitude of 20,200 kilometers.
Of the roughly 220 atomic clocks used by international time laboratories to determine world time, 168 are cesium clocks made by Agilent.
For many years, "traditional" networks have achieved synchronization by using two different types of network elements - Primary Reference Clocks ("PRC"), or high accuracy Cesium clocks (a.