Cesar Franck

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French composer and teacher who influenced a generation of composers (1822-1890)


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She is joined by Cedric Tiberghien, and they complete the disc with a rarity, the Sonata by the Belgian Guillaume Lekeu, who died at the age of 24, leaving us a work worthy of Cesar Franck.
The pianist Francesca Leonardi, who plays on the previous two CDs is present here as well in three of the duo's favourite French pieces, the Cesar Franck and Maurice Ravel Sonatas for violin and piano and Ravel's brilliant Tzigane or Gypsy Song.
Cesar Franck is reported to have said of the Dix pieces pittoresques: "This music is a bridge between our own time and that of Couperin and Rameau.
In Marcel's writings, Maddux explores appearances of music, spirituality, melody, and humanism, and discussions of the works of Cesar Franck, the influence of music on philosopher Bergson, and St.
Mr David's contribution to the event will be to play Piece V by Cesar Franck in front of a crowd made up of peers, friends, family and the media.
Even I, a musical illiterate, could appreciate the verve and enjoyment with which Vietnamese-born Nguyen and his Japanese-born wife played pieces by Cesar Franck, Noriko Motomatsu from Japan and Argentinian Astor Piazzolla.
The author was the eminent French musicologist Leon Vallas (1879-1956), an early biographer of both Claude Debussy and Cesar Franck.
The evening's first offering was Symphonic Variations by Sir Frederick Ashton with music by Cesar Franck.
Mother thinks of the Crimea, of crinolines, of Cesar Franck and of Vieuxtemps.
It includes works by Tommaso Vitali, Cesar Franck, Eduard Lalo and Nicolo Paganini.
At Wooldale, Joseph will take the audience through a selection of Handel, Bach, Vaughan Williams, Mozart, Cesar Franck, Elgar, Jehan Alain and Theodore Dubois.
And one of our most exciting young pianists, Benjamin Grosvenor, brings to the Town Hall an absolutely enthralling menu of T Rameau, Bach, Cesar Franck (the unmissable Prelude, Chorale et Fugue), Chopin and Granados.
20 will feature Julia Brown of First United Methodist Church playing "A French Christmas," with music of Louis-Claude Daquin, Jean Langlais and Cesar Franck.
Mit Hilfe von Vincent d'Indys Cours de Composition musicale (1902) versucht Linke, die Prinzipien der Sonate cyclique zu fassen, die schon in der Terminologie ihre Nahe zu Richard Wagner nicht verbergen kann, was allerdings fur Cesar Franck selbst kaum eine Rolle gespielt hatte.
Stove's intensively researched biography of Belgian French composer Cesar Franck (18221890) has striking merits.