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cervus are marked by high level of expected percentage of heterozygous genotypes, which was calculated for the whole populations ([H.
Completion of the transaction is subject to a number of conditions including approval of Vasogen and IPC shareholders and Cervus unitholders, Vasogen maintaining certain minimum cash levels, receipt of court and other regulatory approvals, and other customary closing conditions.
The Cervus "Customer for Life" model enables the mortgage professional to retain the relationship with the borrower as a customer throughout the life of the mortgage.
This fawn belongs to the rare species of Cervus Eldi, the zoological name given to the Manipuri deer.
Cervus, Macquarie's recently acquired Canadian mortgage lender, works exclusively through mortgage brokers and has carved an industry niche through introducing broker trailing commissions, a new concept for the Canadian mortgage market.
The new relationship with Mortgage Intelligence will provide Cervus with an opportunity to gain market share within Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia," stated Grant MacKenzie, COO of Cervus.
It will formulate an international management and conservation plan for Cervus elaphus corsicanus, to be implemented after the end of the LIFE project.
Zwei bisher unbekannten Nematoden (Setarien) von Rangifer tarandus und von Cervus canadensis asiaticus.
NEW YORK, July 11 /PRNewswire/ -- The Macquarie Group (Macquarie) today announced it has acquired 100 per cent of Cervus Financial Corp (Cervus), for C$12.
Despite an increasingly competitive broker lender landscape, Cervus continues to maintain a strong presence in the Canadian mortgage broker market" highlighted Grant MacKenzie Cervus' COO, he continued by stating that "Despite the competitive landscape, Cervus continues to attract mortgage brokers to its unique "Customer for Life" model.
Lucanus cervus, Cerambyx cerdo, *Rosalia alpina, Morimus funereus) found in four reserves included in the %MIPP% project.
With the prospect of further interest rate increases by the Bank of Canada over the next twelve months and the potential for increasing spread compression driven by our competition, Cervus needs to move expeditiously to choose the right strategic opportunity in order to be able to continue to grow its portfolio of assets under administration.
The Board of Directors announced various items today relating to the ongoing operations and governance of Cervus (TSX:CFG).
Cervus ranked 12th out of 47 mortgage broker lenders in the monthly Filogix Canadian Mortgage Broker Market Report (TM) for the month of December 2005 as compared to 20th for December 2004;
While I recognize the challenges Cervus has as a pioneering venture, the market opportunity is proving to be better than we anticipated when we started.