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a white wax extracted from ozokerite

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Firms seek and obtain legitimacy from stakeholders by proactively discussing social and environmental responsibility and performance (Wilmshurst and Frost 2000; Cerin 2002).
The hitting stars for the Hubbers were Jack Cerin, who went 2-for-4 with a home run and three RBI, and catcher Dooley, who hit two triples and added three RBI of his own.
Girls 3-4 race, from left: Libby Pringle (2nd) Melt-|ham COFE, Olivia Basswoodcock (1st) of Upperthong J&I, Cerin Bowers-Mitchell (3rd) of Rowley Lane
Priod addfwyn Janice, a thad arbennig Derek, Wyn, a Debby; tad-yngnghyfraith hoff Sonia, Enlli a Charles, a thaid balch Demi, Jessica, Mariah, Cai, Cerin, Eiri, Ania ac Erain.
Like Bilbo and Frodo giving up the Ring in their vastly different ways, like Galadriel resisting the temptation of power and like the elves leaving Middle-earth at the conclusion of The Lord of the Rings, like Arwen dying alone and bereaved in the autumn leaves on Cerin Amroth, Smith's hard lesson at the end of his visions and adventures is that of letting go, giving up, and passing on the gift.
REFERENCES: France Original material of Idiochelys fitzingeri from Cerin (Ain) preserved in the MCL, no.
The incident cast a pall over an otherwise huge, festive opening-day turnout that was still being counted at press time, but trainer Vladimir Cerin, whose Afleet Eagle won the $112,800 Oceanside Stakes for 3-year-olds, tried to put the accident in perspective.
Mr Howell died of can cerin 1992, and his widow added: "He was a great journalist - and husband
RESULTS Solo under 6: Robin Humphreys, Nefyn Solo under 8: Cerin Morgan, Llangwnadl Solo under 10: Lowri Glyn, Chwilog Solo under 12: Owain John, Llansannan Solo under 16: Anest Eurig, Aberystwyth Solo under 21: Catrin Mair, Sarn Song Party: Rhydbach, Botwnnog Piano Solo under 12: Owain John Folk song solo under 12: Owain John.
As Marjorie Burns has pointed out, "shadows, 'deepening' or looming, persistently intrude" into Lothlorien, "and the green hill of Cerin Amroth is in the shape of a burial mound" (Burns 90).
Global Capabilities METHYL ESTERS (60,000 TPY) BRANDS C8-C18 Coconut Methylester Fil-Ester 618 C8-C10 Distilled Methylester Fil-Ester 810 C12-C14 Distilled Methylester Fil Ester 1214 C12-C18 Distilled Methylester Fil-Ester 1218 C16-C18 Distilled Methylester Fil-Ester 1618 Coco-Biodiesel BioActiv BD-100 COCO AMIDES (9,000 TPY) Coco Diethanolamide (82% min) Fil-Amide 182 Coco Diethanolamide (90% min) Fil-Amide 190 Coco Monoethanolamide (95% min) Fil-Amide 300 Coco Monoethanolamide (85% min) Fil-Amide 301 GLYCERIDES (3,000 TPY) Glycerol Mono-stearate (GMS 50%) Cerin GMS Glycerol Mono-oleate (GMO 45%) Cerin GMO Glycerol Mono-laurate (GML 45%) Cerin GML REFINED GLYCERIN (9,000 TPY) Cerin SPECIALTY ESTERS (3,000 TPY) Biosol & Activ
Recently, longtime California trainers Vladimir Cerin and Bob Hess Jr.