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Synonyms for contusion

Synonyms for contusion

an injury that doesn't break the skin but results in some discoloration

the action of bruising

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Discharge Diagnoses and Outcomes (190 charts) Patients Number Percentage Subdural hematoma 54 28 Cerebral contusion 11 5 Subarachnoid hemorrhage 10 5 Epidural hematoma 7 3 Delayed physical development 29 15 Delayed mental development 16 8 Delayed physical and mental 4 2 development Expired 22 12
The brain scan showed a number of pieces of information, some intracranial haematoma but also some cerebral contusions and oedema.
Damage to the brain and visual structures in primary TBI can come from cerebral contusions and diffuse axonal injury.
Dr Geraghty recorded the cause death as cerebral contusions and haemorrhage due to major cranial trauma and returned a verdict of accidental death.
Conventional neuroimaging such as CT and MRI detect hemorrhage and cerebral contusions, but may be normal in a concussed athlete because a concussion is a functional rather than a structural brain injury.