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relating to or performed by the mind

appealing to or engaging the intellect

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involving intelligence rather than emotions or instinct



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Also, absorption into the regional cerebral circulation is suggested by the presence of "typical" triptan side effects in some patients, he added.
42) This has been attributed to migration of the embolus through the cerebral circulation.
If a child with the condition survives at all, he or she will likely have neurologic and cognitive deficits owing to poor cerebral circulation.
The reports presented at this meeting of improved function and cerebral circulation cannot be disregarded by labeling them as "observations by biased advocates".
They are given melatonin, growth and sex hormones as well as "non-hormonal performance-enhancing drugs" such as the seligiline hydro-chloride used to treat Parkinson's disease, and centrophenoxine, used to increase cerebral circulation.
After that, I chase them all with a shot of orange juice and something called Ginkgo Biloba, which is supposed to help me with my cerebral circulation - a problem I never knew I had until recently.
Buring presented her results this week at the American Heart Association's 15th International Joint Conference on Stroke and Cerebral Circulation in Orlando, Fla.
The four-day conference included discussion on the most recent advances in cerebral circulation and brain function, clinical stroke research and outcomes, meta-analysis, rehabilitation science and surgery.
Delivery of highly specialized procedures in the field of angiology and endovascular surgery (among other things: Stent Grafty the abdominal aorta, stent Grafty to thoracic aortic stent Grafty for peripheral vascular stents, balloon catheters, Swan-Ganz catheters, systems security proximal cerebral circulation, Coil vascular, transseptal puncture needles, etc.
After an activation and concentration process, stem cells collected from Mary's bone marrow were injected into her cerebral circulation.
Sections cover medical emergencies such as heart failure, cardiac resuscitation, alcoholism, psychiatric and behavioral disorders, abdominal pain, bleeding disorders, infectious diseases, anaphylaxis, and disorders of oxygenation, ventilation, brain function, cerebral circulation, and glucose metabolism; maternal health and the newborn, including childbirth and resuscitation; pediatrics, including child abuse and neglect; and special patients, such as the elderly, those with disabilities, chronically ill patients, and those involved in intimate partner violence.
140 patients of ischemic stroke in anterior cerebral circulation within 30 days of onset were enrolled.
Harper demonstrated that cerebral vasodilation secondary to hypercapnia can abolish autoregulation and render the cerebral circulation pressure-passive (26).
Although this non-invasive device is not yet available for clinical application, preliminary studies show that it may identify abnormalities in pressure-passive cerebral circulation, which can then be treated (Soul, Taylor, Wypij, Du Plessis, & Volpe, 2000; Tsuji, Du Plessis, Taylor, Crocker, & Volpe, 1998).
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