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the narrow central part of the cerebellum between the two hemispheres

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There is agenesis or dysgenesis of the cerebellar vermis and isthmic portion of the brainstem.
Therefore, the present study evaluated the effect of THIO, an H3 histaminergic receptor antagonist, microinjected into the cerebellar vermis on emotional memory consolidation in mice exposed to EPM testing.
Our patient had findings compatible with isotretinoin embryopathy including auricle anomalies, ptosis, cleft palate, micrognatia, patent foramen ovale, hydrocephaly, Dandy Walker malformation and cerebellar vermis hypoplasia.
Brain MRI and stereotactic localization were employed in order to direct the TBS to the cerebellar vermis.
Abnormal development of the cerebellar vermis in children prenatally exposed to alcohol: Size reduction in lobules I-V.
Seven single voxels, approximately 8 cc in volume, were positioned within the medial frontal gray matter, the left frontal white matter, left parietal white matter, the right temporal lobe at the superior temporal gyrus, the left basal ganglia, left cerebellar hemisphere (gray and white matter), and the cerebellar vermis, respectively (Figure 1).
The disorder is characterised by agenesis (absence) or hypoplasia (underdeveloped) of the part of the brain called the cerebellar vermis and a malformed brain stem.
The MRI detected a 5-cm cystic lesion in the cerebellar vermis (figure 3).
Similar to findings in adults with bipolar disorders, neurochemical abnormalities within the frontal cortex and the cerebellar vermis were present in children with a mood disorder and a familial risk for bipolar disorder.
2,4,22,23) Central nervous system manifestations previously described, are seizures, (22) mental retardation, and aplasia of the cerebellar vermis.
8-cm homogeneously enhancing, sharply delineated, noncystic mass lesion in the cerebellar vermis (Figure 1).
Imaging studies have suggested that particular segments of a portion of the brain called the cerebellar vermis are smaller in people with ASD; the cerebellar vermis is also thought to be involved with attention-shifting ability.
Joubert Syndrome is a rare brain malformation characterized by the absence or under development of the cerebellar vermis, fundamental in controlling balance and coordination.
Hypoplasia of the cerebellar vermis and valvular heart disease are commonly associated, but neither were present in this neonate.