crab-eating fox

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wild dog of northern South America

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Antibodies against Lutzomyia longipalpis in the fox Cerdocyon thous and the sylvatic cycle of Leishmania chagasi.
1998) presented data on chromosomal heteromorphism in a Brazilian species, Cerdocyon thous.
Similarly to Speothos venaticus, the karyotype of Cerdocyon thous (2n = 74), compared to the one of C.
From 1990 through 2005, a total of 173 cases of rabies were reported in Cerdocyon thous (crab-eating fox), 25 in Callithrix.
Identification, origin, and antiqenic and genetic variant of 22 rabies virus samples isolated from Ceara State, Brazil Year of Identification Animal species isolation Origin Brhm4531 Human 1997 Fortaleza Brcth4122 Cerdocyon thous 1998 -- Brhm5325 Human 2000 Caucaia Brdg5360 Dog 2000 Caucaia Brcth5361 C.